'Psychic Vs Skeptical Predictions'

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'Psychic Vs Skeptical Predictions'

Post by Kiless » Fri Sep 22, 2006 11:23 pm

http://www.csicop.org/sb/2006-06/predictions.html - a very good article by teenager Max Fagin.

What do you do with a high-school student who thinks she has paranormal abilities?

A) Ignore her.
B) Argue with her.
C) Try to explain rationally why she is incorrect.
D) Put her in a room with a rolling video camera, and ask her to show you.

The answer is all of the above, in sequential order.

I'm a high-school senior in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During my ten years here, I have earned a reputation as being argumentative and skeptical, often to the point of irritating people. One of my peers has pointed out that if someone taped a sign to a brick wall that read, "Telekinesis is real," I would argue with the wall until one of us collapsed.

I became devoted to debunking the paranormal five years ago. The Metaphysics Fair was in town, and my mother decided it might be an "entertaining" experience. For five dollars, I got to spend two hours exploring vendors who sold everything from meditation music to ionized water. I even coughed up a few more bucks to have my personality read with tarot cards.

Even at the age of twelve, my humbug detectors were up and running, so I gave very explicit instructions to the medium. I didn't want to know my future-I wanted to know my past, since that was the only way I could confirm her accuracy....
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