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Post by Kiless » Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:44 am - just been revamped and has articles, discussions and some film online.
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Post by spayced » Thu Oct 26, 2006 3:58 pm

Couldn't decide where to post this, but I found a critical essay of Dawkins on Nature Columns and Blogs: ... 23-11.html

"Dawkins's attempt to test the existence of God is as silly as using logic to tear down Santa Claus in the eyes of a child, says Henry Gee."

Yes, the man who wrote this really thinks Santa exists. ... 62,00.html
(his proof is based on the field of quantum quackery and the spurious idea macroscopic quantum objects can control their own quantum fluctuations to the nth degree)

I think he's crazy, but he brings up points that atheists should be prepared to answer. For example, how would you convince people that ideas based on faith are not acceptable? "Yes, the scientific process is not a parade of absolutes. Science is relative. Faith, however, is absolute." He says you cannot test with science or logic whether god exists and so any attempts to do so prove nothing.

Which made me realize something. Based on many (bullsh*t) ideas from Freud and Nietzsche that human beings are irrational and illogical, schools of thought following these ideas have continued through to the modern era. Many people still don't believe or trust in logic and rationality.

Based on
"Asked "which is a more likely explanation for the origins of human life on earth, Darwin or the Bible?," 57 percent respond "The Bible," while 31 percent respond "Darwin." Among fundamentalist/evangelical/charismatic Christians, 87 percent say "the Bible;" 7 percent say "Darwin.""
It has more than continued, it has prospered. Logic and Rationality are the minority!