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Update Comment on this section...

Post by Scott Mayers » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:20 pm

I approve of the re-labeling of this subsection to be more generic. It takes away the apparent bias to one who may contest any particular historical issue and plays fair respect to those who could be more potentially able to change their views when not insulted up front.

Thank you Pyrrho and others who may have contributed to this change.

I similarly contested the name, "Center for Inquiry", by the 'other' site through local groups in my city have yet seen change. To me it is indifferent to religious people calling their sacred texts, the 'Good Word', as though they have the proprietary authority on what is 'good' before you have a chance to question it. "Center for Inquiry" says, "Hey, are you wanting to learn how unwise you are? Come on down so WE can inform you of how stupid you really are!" How does this help encourage people to be more skilled in being skeptical other than make others BE skeptical of its suggested arrogant authority up front? Go figure.
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