AR-15...a rifle designed to kill

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Re: AR-15...a rifle designed to kill

Post by bobbo_the_Pragmatist » Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:49 am

You gotta love the nutters, from the link: "And in case you thought this was too good to be true....."
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Re: AR-15...a rifle designed to kill

Post by IrritableBadger » Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:11 pm

To be honest, people intending to maximize casualties and fatalities with an AR-15 are at the very top of the list for the best sort of a terrible idea.

The choice of an AR-15 by nutters is driven entirely by ignorance, misinformation and complete lack of anything remotely resembling a plan involving the best way to gun down a bunch of people.

Someone serious about such things has a far educated perspective and knowledge concerning the plethora of options available. Options far more effective than a dumbed down take on a dumbed down weapon.

The entire class of weapons sharing the M16 lineage are designed with one common goal and it ain't killing people. They are designed to function in states of horrible disrepair and to be effectively disposable when damage and accelerated wear are such that functionality is impaired.

The guns are great for soldiers. You have to assume your fighting men are going to die in combat and you don't want them losing expensive, high performance firearms in the process. You also don't want to be arming the enemy with nice weapons.

Off the shelf civilian sporting guns are in every way superior to any flavor of M16 derivatives. Fine civilian sporting firearms can be fired faster (the military weapons are slooow to cycle), for longer periods, use far more dangerous ammunition (the 5.56 round gained favor in the military because it's lightweight allowing soldiers to carry over twice the amount of ammunition of a WWII soldier). The downside is the sporting firearm may not work in extremely dirty situations are more likely to suffer broken stocks from impacts and falls. Sporting firearms are typically heavier as well.

As ammunition goes, the 5.56 isn't particularly fast, it's terrible for firing across the wind, deflection is cartoonish in severity. It's unreasonably loud, creates blinding levels of muzzle flash, it's prone to ricochet in urban settings and simply lacks the mass necessary to overcome even makeshift protections like fire doors and metal security shutters.

My point isn't to debate the performance of particular firearms or ammunition but to illustrate the fact that people who choose the M16 style weapons for their publicity stunts are doing everyone a favor. Someone with knowledge using a bolt action rifle from WWI can do far more damage than some angst driven outcast with a military firearm.

A far more interesting question is why the people who are serious about maximizing damage and have the resources to do so don't typically go shooting at their classmates and colleagues?

If you answer that question the entire discussion moves toward actionable solutions to firearm misuse. Any room for debate is gone the second ignorance and misinformation become the standard bearers of an argument.

Every time ignorance gets a public platform from which to advocate a cheer can be heard coming from the NRA building. Sentiment is irrelevant when making a case for anything, really, but in this case gun control. People are well paid to do nothing but know what they're talking about. If you really want change you can't give them everything they need to paint you as a fool. Because that's what they'll do.

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Re: AR-15...a rifle designed to kill

Post by ElectricMonk » Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:39 am

Guns in media

M16s and the like are what Rambo uses.


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Re: AR-15...a rifle designed to kill

Post by IrritableBadger » Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:09 pm


Even Rambo ultimately ditched it and went with a bow and arrow.

The Vietnam era M16's were incredibly unreliable and prone to jamming up (but only when people were shooting at you). In a hilariously awful example of military procurement, the solution to the problem was to leave the stupendously poor chamber design in place and add the forward assist plunger to the upper receiver (it's a spring loaded metal stick).

It's likely that the M16 made Rambo's PTSD itch. Watching your colleagues be mown down while they were poking their rifles with sticks is enough to make anyone look for alternatives. And revenge.