Mitt Romney Rapes & Pillages == AGAIN!

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Mitt Romney Rapes & Pillages == AGAIN!

Post by bobbo_the_Pragmatist » Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:20 am

This was on Max Keiser tonight but there are a few earlier google hits on the issue. Lame stream Media mostly reports the Bankruptcy of ToysRUs (and several other "good" businesses) as a result of competition by Amazon and so forth.


ToysRUs was RAIDED by Bain Capital, Looted, and the carcass thrown into Bankruptcy Court. Max says Bain bought TRU through a leveraged buyout mostly using TRU''s own undervalued assets, then it took out $460 Million in bonuses to itself, leaving TRU without sufficient funds to operate. he space of a few months, a successful company is raped, gutted and thrown away. 1000's of employees losing their jobs and pensions. Millions of customers DRIVEN TO AMAZON with no more enjoyment in walking the aisle to see what the new toys are. (I did this about every 5 years...always looking for that erector set of my youth!).

I wonder how much of that Blood Money Romney used to campaign for office?

Here's the lying happy story from the lying forbes "business for crooks" magazine: ... 1681c6b7b4 who here thinks Forbes doesn't know the real story?????

.........and here is Reality: ... f-industry

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