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Don't bother

Post by Lausten » Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:34 pm

Doctrine to rot your brain

Another in my series of public service messages. Beware of this community Bible Study. A group of people set this up in public location in my town, not a church, and invited everyone to come learn about Jesus. It was immediately clear that they weren't interested in open discussion, but that's not the warning part. In the above sermon, about half way through, he starts reading from John where the Jews are not accepting Christ. He says something about this being very bad of them and for them.

If you follow the navigation at the bottom forward two videos to The Doctrine of the Trinity, again about half way through, you hear how Christianity is better because it is inclusive but Muslim, they get violent if you don't accept their God. Jehovah's Witness are also in big trouble. Pretty much creating divisions and prejudices in the guise of a loving Christ. Nice.
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