A good almost

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A good almost

Post by Lausten » Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:29 pm

I couldn't make this more succinct, so I'll link to my blog.

Greta Vosper is a minister in Toronto. On her blog, she has the titles "Minister" and "Atheist". Before you complete that eye roll, read her whole story, she's sincere, she's done her homework. But as I explain, she doesn't go far enough, okay, roll 'em. My guess is she wants to keep her job. I have seen a couple news items about her being reviewed, but she doesn't comment publicly on it and I don't know if they will make an announcement if or when the review is done. She's already gone through the shake out at her church, so her current congregation is supportive. In fact they came to her and said they wanted to stop teaching their children the Lord's Prayer.

The blog is my reaction to her reaction to a public statement made by people higher up in the United Church of Canada. In it she says if you are going to choose a supernatural source for guidance, then you have to allow others to do the same. She doesn't follow up with anything. I would follow it with, "and that's a system that can't possibly work". Still, this is the first minister I've seen do this and keep her job, so I'm interested in her story.
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