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Post by Lausten » Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:15 pm

The question remains "what is next?"
Knowledge of aliens like this is basically the same formula as Game of Thrones; keep promising that something big is coming. It is the oldest rule of story telling, leave them wanting more.
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Post by Chicxulub1 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:19 pm

scrmbldggs wrote:Here's some knowledge: Pamam55 hasn't been around since Jul 10, 2012.
Well, I must say that is rather embarrassing. I feel like the fellow who has come to Frankenstein's castle the day after the angry villagers with pitchforks and torches had paid a visit.

Perhaps if Pamam55 does resurface (Godzilla for some reason comes to mind).....

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Re: possible Author?? hmmm...

Post by ETme » Mon Oct 27, 2014 8:26 pm

I agree with the poster who says: the Author of Truthism is a Man.
I also think it's highly possible that pamam55 is a man who sometimes coyly implies (using pronouns etc) that he is a woman...

but also it is very interesting to me that all of the ideas, the wording, the anonymity habits, the concepts are *very* consistent with "the Author" of the Matrix V gold edition publication especially including the unique and very vocal perspective on the 'roles' of both females and reptilians and the single-minded claim to the most *true* information on the entire planet. It is highly possible that 'The Author' (who often went by the name of: 'authorThe' among others... is one and the same as pamam55.

I say this especially since 'the Author' of the Matrix V gold edition treatise may have needed to put some distance between himself and the Matrix publications and distance between himself and 'Leading edge international research group' - and (wait for it:) ""... which was the main outlet for 'The Author'. (along with this ex CIA guy with pseudonym: Valdemar Valerian... who was supposedly the unrelated person behind (and I don't actually doubt this)

Val Valerian's real name is John Grace and Both of the men spent time at the research facility of (passed) Robert Monroe whose prime focus was on documenting Out of body experiences and methods through his sound research methods. (author of books including "journey's out of body")

Valerian wrote (or compiled) the first books called "the Matrix" and they were gigantic compilations spanning four editions and multiple thousands of pages - hence the name of the one (V) which he did NOT author (but instead only edited) called Matrix V.

My own opinion is that Matrix V actually grew out of a long series of daily (or almost daily) email exchanges mostly one-sided from "the Author" (sic) as he referred to himself - written to John Grace.

Matrix V was expensive and anyone who questioned the Author was dismissed (heartily and often brutally) out of hand by 'the Author' himself. As you might imagine he made very few friends. What is interesting though is that many people wanted to get the manuscript but after 2010 were told they were "too late" (since the world was supposed to ascend probably no later than late 2012) and so the Author was going to 'move' to a spot on the planet more conducive to this 'process' where the 'graduation key' was more closely associated (or something like that - my interpretation) (which only he could see unless you had also gone out of body and 'read' the required materials in a virtual library on another dimension - and by the way if you could NOT do this then you simply were not advanced enough!) (but that's okay because your other alters living simultaneously throughout lifetimes of earth periods would still ascend through the ONE male (and gay) body which was your final incarnation... and HE would pull up the rest of your incarnations....)

so anyway... in case anyone is listening (and still cares)... I am pretty sure the author of Matrix V and Truthism (which mentions a Matrix) and TruFax which is all about the Matrix are one and the same.
Another reason I think this is because I found the Matrix books due to a forum much like this one - and later the controversy and similar forum issues with the author (of Matrix V) which - being very similar to Truthism issues... - were often *argued* by multiple posters separated by various 'handles' but always seemingly (conveniently) arriving at similar conclusions with multiple *arguments* presented by 'women' even though it became pretty clear to me that no woman in her right mind (my personal opinion) would be arguing the things they were arguing if they were really women unless of course they were masochistic. So there appeared to be this abundant rash of suddenly very vocal yet masochistic women (isn't that an oxymoron somehow?) - singing the praises of Matrix V.
...and now we have Truthism. hmmmmmm.... (just sayin')

so now for the drum-roll... (or partial drum roll at least since the author of Matrix V and Truthism might be two separate people although there is a huge chance they are one and the same)...
The secret identity of the Matrix V was made known to me. Here it is (although I've preserved just enough of his anonymity with a nod to being semi-respectful though I don't really wish to be.)
(this is information HE made public himself although he did NOT connect it with his identity as 'the Author')

The author's name (author of Matrix V)- is Glenn Cassimir M. -
(His last name is five letters Starts with M and the last letter has a K sound but is not a K) -
He has a BA in Political Science , BS in Geography ( BYU 1980 ) , MA in Psychic Education , Ph.D in Psychic Sciences and holds a "Doctor of Ancient Craft" (sic). He is a 'certified UFO / ET Contact Crisis Response Team member'. (sic)
He began "re-learning astrology in this incarnation in 1981" (sic) and received AMAFA accreditation from the American Federation of Astrologers in 1983. He "is a shaman" (sic) , and moved to Concord New Hampshire after retiring. He helped author a supplement to a book with the well known: G. and Y. Frost re: wicca - loves the numbers 3, 33, and 333, Glenn is single - (as of Jan 2014), formerly military and later worked and retired from a government job in S. New Jersey. He is (as of this writing) still very much on the planet as of three days ago ...(I say this since many were led to believe he would most likely have ascended and left the planet by this late date in October 2014).

I semi-respectfully give only partial information to leave him with a modicum of anonymity ... but hopefully still enough information to give those who are tired of the secrecy surrounding the person who is behind the harsh 'verbal attacks' - as well being the author of information they sincerely thought (momentarily)might be real and material they also thought they had a right to question... a nudge in the right direction should they have wondered all this time who was browbeating them...

P.S. He was born: Feb 11 1949 - 7 or 8am with an Aquarius Rising and a Cancer Moon, and Uranus 26 degrees Gemini. ( that info is supposedly a big secret and you can figure out the rest easily for anyplace in the contiguous USA )
He is easily provoked (by otherwise innocent questions and ponderings) and easily prodded into being very cranky so don't poke him with a stick unless you like being bitten. If you are female you will likely (at some point) be called the "C" word and this word is liberally sprinkled throughout the Matrix material.
He apparently is trying a kinder and gentler approach (if truthism is truly his website) - and perhaps thinking that if he did resort to using the "C" word we'd immediately figure out who he was again...
His published email addresses by the way, have (in the past at least) started with either authorthe or aquarianglenn then the 'at' sign and an email host name. I'm sure he has (by now) acquired a new one.
since he excels at anonymity. well... at least he supposes that he does. He is also apparently known to suddenly disappear and resurface as someone else. But surprise: It's still him! So Pamam55 will disappear and likely resurface again (I'm pretty sure he will after this post surfaces! and I assure you that he reads these things...)
according to Whois - is under a private registration (it's being held by a proxy holder for anonymity.)


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Post by scrmbldggs » Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:08 am

Hi. :pc:
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Post by Monster » Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:49 am

Hello, ETme.
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Post by ETme » Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:07 am

hi monster! heheh!! mouthful eh?

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Re: possible Author?? hmmm...

Post by Gord » Wed Oct 29, 2014 2:57 am

Hi. :wave:
ETme wrote:P.S. He was born...with an Aquarius Rising and a Cancer Moon, and Uranus 26 degrees Gemini.
Ew. Sounds painful.
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