Endless Forms Most Beautiful

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Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Post by Frank Hoffman » Fri Dec 25, 2015 7:02 am

Endless Forms Most Beautiful
by Sean B. Carroll (2006)

I had struggled with doubts about what I had been told throughout my youth, but due to the pervasive religious immersion of my family and all of our friends, I was slow to really think about the basic questions. Influences which began to rattle my cage as early as age 15 were Mark Twain (Letters From The Earth), eastern philosophy and Science Fiction. ( I do now notice that public school was not among those influences. )

There are many worthwhile books which could have triggered my final break with magical thinking, it just happened that the one that did it for me was Endless Forms Most Beautiful. I finally saw that although we did not know everything, everything might be knowable. I saw that the development of a fertilized egg of a fish, or a bird, or a human was not a miracle, but well understood chemistry; and such chemistry is no less wonderful. I still had, and have, further learning to do; and this forum has been central to that effort. But that book was the right thing at the right time which fundamentally changed my way of looking at the world.