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Sci-Fi Q & A website

Post by toroid » Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:52 am

The Stack Exchange is a group of related websites specializing in answering questions about various technical, computer and science related topics, even scientific skepticism. It's free and a user doesn't even have to register to use it, although members can access more site features than guests can. I discovered it within the past few days after Gawdzilla Sama and I exchanged posts about lost sci-fi stories in the "Richard Matheson dies" thread.

When I asked the same question in the Stack Exchange sci-fi thread that I posted in the Matheson thread I received an answer which comes closer than any other to identifying the story although some descrepancies remain.

At any rate the Stack Exchange appears to be a resource that users of this Forum may find useful:

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Sci-Fi questions

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