"DATACLYSM" by Christian Rudder

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"DATACLYSM" by Christian Rudder

Post by nmblum88 » Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:29 pm

Over the past week-end I accompanied a friend to a conference on "Big Data…" … We both went for the ambience, a fabulous, so beautiful, low key resort in Cabo San Lucas, great food, wonderful music, and for me, at least not a single requirement to attend a single phony lecture or session… sun, fun, and the devil take the data collection.
As always I CANNOT praise the arrangement enough: if you ever get a chance to accompany an invited speaker to such an event… do NOT turn it down!!
It is worth its weight in gold., doors open, your every wish is attended to (tips are included) the massages are great, and no one even asks you if you OWN a wallet… or know what data collection might be.

And this bonus: on the return flight I opened my "goodies bag." the gift I was given as whatever it was I was doing there…. and I found among the Cocoa, the earrings, the chocolate cigarettes the eyeshade and the toilet water, a book.
Which I just finished reading… and recommend for its sense of the absurdity of our information laden (tell all) lives and the few truths that float to the top:
Dataclym: Who We Are by Christian Rudder…
The gist of it is given away early:
"What we SAY."
"What We DO"
" Who wee REALLy ARE (when we think no one is looking…)"

Serious fun…
Recommended if you have nothing more informational to do with your time.
Or can get it for free.

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