"Masters of Science…."

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"Masters of Science…."

Post by nmblum88 » Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:21 pm

"Masters of Science: 5 Physicists Who Changed the 20th Century," by Istan Harigitai…. wonderful subjects, enlightening work, particularly helpful for putting science within the context of the two devastating, calamitous World Wars…

And found this book while reading "Genius in the Shadowss" by Wm Laroquette, a fine biography of Leo Szilard whom the author chooses (and makes a case for ) being "the Man Behind the A Bomb…"
Perhaps not entirely, but this adequate volume does take lay readers past the much more famous, and perhaps the only known story of Szilard,.
That of his horrible lingering death as a result of his contact with the uranium core that was so carelessly handled during the pursuit of the completion (and subsequent actual use ) of the first atomic bomb..
Both books, highly recommended, informative and enjoyable… perhaps particularly helpful for people who want to better understands what separates the bona fide scientist, the scientific mind, from the rest of us…

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