"The Sixth Extinction…"

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"The Sixth Extinction…"

Post by nmblum88 » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:43 pm

By Elizabeth Kolbert….
(with an aside for contemporary technology in respect to reading, and what turned out to be a satisfactory result of the self-indulgence of "I want it, and I want it NOW! No waiting until dawn before satisfying an urge.")
Late last night I was watching a tape of a past "Daily Show…" and was both charmed and made curious my Jon Stewart's interview with the author of this amazingly well-written and incredibly captivating book… it simply can't be set aside, except forcibly for food, drink, hygiene, and perhaps even the demands of a fellow human on one's time.

Thanks to the scorned Kindle technology which I profess to hate, I immediately went to purchase it from Amazon, waiting about 3 minutes for it to downland… and bam… up all night reading .
And relishing it, even as it is one of the more telling indictments of human carelessness as well as our mysterious but persistent, deliberate destruction of our home, our habitat in the universe.
We have been warned, we have been interacted, we have even looked into a grim future, but we continue to undermine our own best interests, our possible survival as a species.
But highly recommended: wonderful stories of the adventures of working naturalists, zoologists, biologists, and part fascinating travelogue.
And then, a little shame and humiliation at being made aware of our destructive human bent, can do us nothing but good.
And besides, Ms. Kolbert ( a New Yorker regular which always implies impeccable research) is such a wonderful writer that the enviable grace of her prose makes our inevitable self-extinction a bit easier to bear.

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