Joseph Anton: A Memoir

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Joseph Anton: A Memoir

Post by nmblum88 » Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:25 pm

Is this "on topic" or WHAT?
And ditto to " is this a terrific time to be alive" ... or not.
Because by some coincidence and the ability that technology has given us to have almost every whim satisfied without leaving our chairs... I have just finished reading "Joseph Anton: a Memoir" by Salman Rushdie.
I saw Rushdie, the object of a 1989 fatwa by a deranged Ayatollah, because of perceived insult to Muhammed in "The Satanic Verses"
being interviewed last night by Jon Stewart, and before I could utter "Kindle" the book was delivered to me for reading ... the interview not even concluded.
Yea Kindle.. an invention I have despised and resisted....that was thrust upon me by generous children on the grounds that it made reading easier even that the IPad....
Which is actually does... but now 12 hours later I have already read and passed my book on to someone else....completely amazing, but what effect it will have on the perpetuation of THE BOOK... only time will tell.

Joseph Anton is a pseudonym Rushdie adopted when he went into hiding, and as the death threat took on a life of its own.
And as all the forces of law and order in Britain gathered around him to protect him from the ominous threat... to real and sometimes comic effect.
Quite a story.. because in the case of Rushdie, what sounded like a joke changed every aspect of his life for the next decade at least; a terrifying tale of religion gone amok, the madness traveling from country to country and Continent to Continent to Continent.
And its specific victim a man who actually did suffer terrible trauma and loss because of it.
But on the permanent side, Rushdie, who grew up as Muslim, a minority and a despised one in Hindu India, has really interesting insights on the broader panorama of Islam, its role in the world now, and its possible future.
Being above all a writer enabled... no, forced (writers have no choice) to see, hear, even in the middle of his nightmarish existence, that every event was the meat of a story yet to be written....
So the nature of the writer's art is a parallel albeit tacit subject of "Joseph Anton.."
Recommended... and I also I feel better about having indulged myself as I was in the throes of "I WANT that book, and I WANT IT NOW!!'
It paid it off... but I'm not telling that to anyone under 15.

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