The Borgias? Chickens or Eggs?

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The Borgias? Chickens or Eggs?

Post by nmblum88 » Wed May 04, 2011 7:32 pm

I just got around to watching the available episodes of "the Borgias" a Showtime epic.
And I need some help, obviously from those of you who might have watched any or all of it.
Because while I thoroughly enjoyed the set direction, the costumes, the idealized good looks of the title characters, and the SEX!! (Glory be to god.. those people didn't even give a hint of having heard of the missionary position!!) and was able to get almost immediately that RED as in Borgia color of choice as well as traditional costume of the College of Cardinals.. meant... well,... BLOOD!!.. something seemed to be escaping me.
I'm puzzled and unable to decide whether the writer and director and the channel's attorneys and censors, meant to imply that the Borgias were the fruit of the tree, that they were the inevitable result of an institution already defiled by the baser instincts attributed to say Jews and other heathens, including the at the time sneaking up on the horizon, Protestants.
That or what appeared to me to be the case: being put forth: that the family, the conscienceless Rodrigo and his evil spawn, were an aberration in an an otherwise impeccable tradition.
A cancer, that rooted out, would return to the Mother Church its purity, its nobility, of purpose.... saving souls for their eventual convention with the Trinity.
The latter appeared to be the point, as if the oft promulgated "respect" that religion is supposed to receive no matter the provocations to less than admirable ideas or behaviors, was the ultimate point of the series.
I could be wrong of course..
I fully admit to a unshakeable conviction that it is the edifice that suffers from the termites and that the inhabitants who take on weaknesses that go with coming from a (morally) shaky environment.
And that all of it, no matter the name over the door, needs less respect and more jaundiced eyeballing.
Does anyone else have a point of view to share... or to clear my fuzzy response?

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Re: The Borgias? Chickens or Eggs?

Post by fromthehills » Wed May 04, 2011 8:02 pm

I saved it on Netflix for whenever it becomes available. Thanks.