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Re: Methamphetamine America

Post by landrew » Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:06 pm

Matthew Ellard wrote:
JO 753 wrote:Hitler, eh? ....Well if its good enuf for him....

There is a very good book on the use of methamphetamines by Nazi Germany during WWII, called Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, by Norman Ohler (2016).

It was prohibited for use by civilians but used extensively by the Army from the invasion of France onward. This allowed for 48 and 72 hours drives and movements. It was after the French campaign that the first army drug casualties popped up, (Paranoia, hallucinations and so on). As manpower fell more "speed" was issued and you had entire army battalions "going nutty". By Stalingrad, officers were shooting themselves and a drug problem arose in the entire German army.

At one political concentration camp, speed was given to inmates so they could walk for days and test out army boots when leather ran out.

For midget submarines that took 3 days to reach targets , almost all of the solo operators took "speed" and just went nuts.

Today the IDF still uses "speed" as it has a small army. Some say it is a problem as ex-conscripts get released back into civilian life suffering paranoia and hallucinations. (Dad was a psychiatrist and Group Captain in the RAAF who reviewed drug use in other armies)
Once the Allies discovered that the Nazis were using methamphetamine, they wasted no time administering it to their own soldiers. ... litary_use
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