Text to speech for transcripts?

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Text to speech for transcripts?

Post by munsterspeek » Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:33 pm

Just a thought... I noticed that monster talk is asking for donations for transcripts at $70 per episode.

I know there is a lot of text to speech software out there that would probably be less than the cost to transcribe 4 episodes to purchase (?), a la dragon software. I don't have any suggestions per se for which one is good or which one isn't, though, I have no direct experience... but I'm assuming someone else knows.

I do know at work a lot of people have emails sent to them from their voicemails. It's usually spot-on accurate there, sort of eerie for me personally, but it works.

You may have to at least read through a whole episode worth of text to be sure since it's a whole hour and not a voicemail, but that's probably just a look and a touch up, I would think. It would probably be faster and easier.

Maybe it won't work? Like if none of the software outputs in dialog format, or doesn't do some requirement like that. But especially where it's to be used "for google", I would think one big block of text would be fine for google searching, the spiders don't care much what they are indexing.

Or maybe the transcriber is already using software and $70 is the money for cleaning up the results... does seem kind of cheap for someone to type 1 hour worth of talking, given my plumber charges $70 to show up at my house. So, I should just expect everyone already knows and not make the suggestion... but just in case, I will.

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Re: Text to speech for transcripts?

Post by Austin Harper » Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:37 am

I had the same thought, but didn't bring it up to the board. Does anyone from the show check these boards?
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Re: Text to speech for transcripts?

Post by Poodle » Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:39 pm

Is the show totally scripted, though? If it isn't, there's a speech-to-text requirement, and the technology for that isn't anywhere near good enough at present.