Monsters deserving coverage

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Monsters deserving coverage

Post by busterggi » Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:48 pm

As a result of the ninja episode I'd like to bring up some 'real' monsters for candidate for future show.

1. Ameranthropoides loysi - the best photographed cryptid of all time but what was it? It doesn't look like a normal spider monkey to me & I don't know whose measurements of the petrol can box are correct. Now it certainly isn't a hominid, not even a true biped (check out those feet & the leg musculature) but is there evidence for larger, maybe tailess, monkeys in SA?

2. Kasai rex & other African dinosaurs - come on, its a great excuse to talk about real dinosaurs that once inhabited Africa & get some good laughs over some bad hoaxes.

3. Jef - nuff said.

4. New England vampires - I've often visited Mercy Brown in my travels & the most emotional time was after my daughter had turned the same age as Mercy when she died. Between how I'd feel if my little girl had died like that & what Mercy missed by dying so young, well it was rough. Besides I'd like to hear an update, Michael Bell & Nick Bellantoni never disappoint and it would give an excuse to bring up HPL again for the Shunned House.

5. proven hoaxes - like Ivan Sanderson's giant Florida penguin, the classic 'captured hodag' photo & the Silver Lake monster - because it demonstrates how easy hoaxes were even before Photoshop & can also be good for laughs.