The Bloop

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The Bloop

Post by spookyparadigm » Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:37 am

Maybe it should just be a news item, but other than interviewing an expert in underwater acoustic biology, not sure who to suggest.

In case you don't know

Bart Stewart
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Re: The Bloop

Post by Bart Stewart » Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:05 am

There was one more recently that sounded like "Bloop-oop-a-doop."

Ahem. Kidding there. Still, the Bloop is an intriguing little mystery. I can't imagine that it could be biological, for the simple reason that it was only heard that one summer, thirteen years ago. If it was a sea monster, he doesn't get out much. There have been some other unexplained sounds picked up by underwater listening devices, but they also were one-time incidents. I would have to guess some industrial activity made them. (Maybe something illegal, hence they have not been identified.)

The ocean is the last great remaining mystery area for this planet. That's if we don't turn it into a toxic hell on earth first. I'm sure you are aware of the zone of floating plastic, the size of TEXAS, in the Pacific Ocean.

A favorite oceanic mystery for me was the unexplained mushroom cloud off Japan in 1984. Here's a link. Some think it was a hot meteor impact.