Covering the crypto-news

Have you got a helpful suggestion for our show or for these forums?
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Covering the crypto-news

Post by idoubtit » Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:08 am

Blake et al.,

I love the mini-casts. Do more. Please consider ways to make commentary on currently circulating news stories readily available. Perhaps use MonsterScience to post timely commentary on those topics making the rounds. I've heard you or Ben mention that its hard to find rebuttals to these stories. Why not do the rebuttal, present the coherant story instead of sensationalism. Blake, your expose of the Ky Bigfoot Crow should have been on MonsterScience so folks can access it when they Google. We desperately need a voice besides LC crowing about mysterious name coincidences and giving a moniker to every new unidentified critter.

Having this internal dialogue here on the forums is great but it needs to be better accessible to the googlers looking for info.

I'll add that I just visited The Anomalist and my day is ruined. Woo everywhere. It's the LC lovefest. Their deputy editor will be hearing from me. You should submit links to your articles to get some perspective there.

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Re: Covering the crypto-news

Post by DoctorAtlantis » Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:09 am

I concur. I've been hesitant to cross post my brief investigations on MonsterScience because that site was designed with lengthy, thoughtful investigations in mind. These news briefs don't fit that in that they're targeted for laymen. And this is a bit of a meta discussion but if you look at Darren Naish's take on the Panamanian Sloth, he's done a great job on that post identifying the culprit.

I don't always agree with Darren - for example I'm inclined to think that reports of lake monsters are often mistakes and don't justify hypothesizing new species to explain them. But he's a competent, trained anatomist and perhaps he'd let me cross-post on some of these matters? Or if I had more time I could do more detailed investigation...

Time, time, time. But you're absolutely right. Of course if more skeptics would cross post from their blogs to our research we'd also get a lot of benefit in google ranking as well.

I'm going to work with Tim Farley on ways we can boost MT and MS in the rankings. And I have a secret project that might do wonders - if we can get all the pieces into place. <crosses fingers, lops off a rabbit's foot, throws salt into my hair, wishes... ;)