Straw man - nothing left to discover

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Straw man - nothing left to discover

Post by idoubtit » Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:43 am

I bristle at this stuff because it's just wrong. Talk about constructing a straw man.

From Anomalist: A follow-up to a report that originally appeared in the first issue of EdgeScience about the discovery of a bald-headed, pink-faced songbird discovered in Laos by Iain Woxvold of the University of Melbourne. When asked--Do you ever follow up native reports of creatures that might be new to science?--Woxvold replied, in part, "To help us with some of the more cryptic species, yes indeed, we do rely rather heavily on the extensive knowledge of local hunters..."
This is not new. Anecdotes can always be used to send you in the right direction. But what happens when the anecdotes are all you have? Real scientists do the science. What do self-titled cryptozoologists do other than collect stories? Discuss.

Edge Science as "A daring new journal"? Puh-leeze. Read Science Daily for Edge Science every day. That's what science is all about - discovery.

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