Is it cheating?

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Re: Is it cheating?

Post by Cadmusteeth » Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:11 am

Gord wrote:
Cadmusteeth wrote:
Alexander941 wrote:Question: what would you guys (male) do if you would find out that your Wife or gf is cheating on you, but not with another man but with a woman?

Would you consider this as cheating?
To put it simply, yes, it would still be considered cheating. Not sure why the gender of the other person you're seeing should make it an exception.
What about species? Genus? Family? Order? Class? Phylum? Kingdom? Domain? Mineral? Sex toy? Plain ol' masturbation?

I think we all draw the lines in different places, and those lines can shift when we think about it differently, or as we grow older, or the more beer we consume.
Yeah, I was thinking along the lines of a relationship where the individuals are not ok with the open type deal. Not disregarding the views here (still figuring out my own tastes).