Episode 43

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Episode 43

Post by GrahD » Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:56 pm

Great episode, I never knew that creationists indulged in any kind of 'primary' research before.

The comment that they seem to be for want of a better term parodying the exploration mode of the 1920s made me reach for a book in my library by David Attenborough, entitled 'The Zoo Quest Expeditions' (Wikipedia), it covers the first TV series he was the presenter of.

Each season of that program (Which ran 1956 - 1963) involved an expedition into an out of the way part of the world to capture animals for the London Zoo, one of which would be the focus animal for the series and mixed live and filmed footage.

Interestingly the cameraman for the first few series was one Charles Lagus, who had earlier been cameraman for an expedition searching for the Yeti!