Infidels is looking for support

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Infidels is looking for support

Post by Shen1986 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 8:17 am

I found this:

Maintaining the premier secularist resource on the Internet, however, is not without its costs. Our ability to maintain and expand a vast repository of thoughtful material unavailable anywhere else through an almost exclusively volunteer effort depends entirely on the generosity of readers like you. If everyone plays their part by chipping in whatever they can, we can secure the future of our drop of reason in an ocean of religious confusion. But if you merely think about donating, our voice of reason could be silenced forever, leaving the forces of superstition free to promulgate blind faith in irrational dogmas virtually unopposed. Remember, the Internet is the only medium where both believers and nonbelievers are on a level playing field, and Internet Infidels is the only nonprofit educational organization to use the Internet exclusively to promote a naturalistic worldview. Won't you help Internet Infidels shape a more rational world by making a tax-deductible donation right now?

Taken from:

I am just posting this. If someone wants to help..

Note: I don't know if its over or not because on the main page the donation red line is no more. If someone has more info please share.
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