Skepticism and Social Media

Ways and means of promoting skepticism
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Skepticism and Social Media

Post by Esri_Allbritten » Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:29 am is a news aggregator that works with Twitter (They're still working on the Facebook version, which is kinda sketchy right now.) Anyway, there are quite a few Skeptic related "papers" put together from people's lists of skeptics whom they follow on Twitter. You can find them here:

For even more general info, you can go to and read all the links that are shared on Twitter and marked with the hash tag #skeptic. I can't tell who generated this particular, and when I found it, it hadn't been updated in over a month. There's a simple fix fix for that - click the update button.

So remember, if you're on Twitter and talking about topics of interest to skeptics, type #skeptic or #skeptics somewhere in your 140 characters, so people who are looking for those topics can find it. Your Tweet might look like this, for example:

As a #skeptic, I find this site valuable.


#skeptic alert! Homeopathy FAIL.

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