Study on Dreams of Hospice Patients Approaching Death

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Study on Dreams of Hospice Patients Approaching Death

Post by Shen1986 » Mon Mar 04, 2019 6:02 am

A new study that is based on dreams when people are approaching death: ... ams-study/

Interesting stuff in this study I found are these:

1. People who have these dreams claim they are very profound and give them peace similar to NDEs:
“What’s clear is people are universally saying this feels more real and different than any dream I’ve ever had before,” he said.

They’ve found that the dreams are often comforting and make death less scary.
“They’ll come of these experiences and say they want to go back,” said Dr. Kerr.
Source: ... ams-study/

2. The people are meeting relatives they already know they are dead so no paranormal explanation needed because children who do not know any dead relative dream about their dead animals which means beings they are emotional attached with. Dreams are mostly based on our emotions that is why we have nightmares from films or other stimulants where are emotions:
When children are dying, they often don’t know any people who have passed, so they dream of deceased pets.

A girl named Jessica explains her dreams: “I dream about my old dog Shadow, that has passed away.”
Source: ... ams-study/

3. Not all people have these dreams similar to NDEs:
In 10 years, he and his team have documented 14,000 cases. Eighty percent of his patients report dreams or visions.
Source: ... ams-study/

Conclusion: Thanks to this study it seems that NDEs can have the same mechanism as these dreams. That when a person is dying and he knows it he can have a NDE which is like this dream. No paranormal explanation needed also this shows again that NDEs are not to be taken as evidence for a afterlife when dreams near death have the a similar effect.
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