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Re: Dr. Alex Tanous OBE

Post by Austin Harper » Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:35 pm

Shen1986 wrote:
Eric D R wrote:Thanks for your concerns about my health and safety, Shen, but i wasnt as sleep deprived as the situations you are describing. I dont think i was in any danger. I certainly did not have any hallucinations until i got to that point where i was starting to fall asleep yet focused on separating my conciousness.
So how did you do it? When you were not sleep deprived or something like that? Were you tired or were you long up??

Because I had the same thing but I was sleep deprived.
In college I once stayed up for five days. It was not a good idea. There were auditory and visual hallucinations and when I finally did try to go to sleep I actually had quite a bit of difficulty. Once I did fall asleep I slept for a little over 24 hours.
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Re: Dr. Alex Tanous OBE

Post by Shen1986 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 2:54 pm

Looked more into Dr. Alex Tanous found this out:

Donna L. McCormick the assistant of Dr. Osis was a friend or became a friend of Dr. Alex Tanous.

Page 2 at here:

http://www.alextanous.org/sites/default ... 376352.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Alex Tanous is saying that even psychics can be wrong.

Page 3 at here: http://www.alextanous.org/sites/default ... 376352.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Dr. Karlis Osis was also his friend or became his friend:

Page 2: http://www.alextanous.org/sites/default ... 376352.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The whole article Alex Tanous 1926-1990 is about it page 1-2: http://www.alextanous.org/sites/default ... 376352.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I came to this when reading it and the articles were written only by Dr. Osis and McCormick.

Tanous also worked with Osis on ghosts:
Conversations with Ghosts was an idea for a fourth book for Dr Tanous, and it was intended to be written by Dr Karlis Osis and himself, outlining their various investigations of ghostly phenomena while working with the American Society for Psychical Research. The existing short manuscript - of no more than a couple of chapters - was archived by the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research, and left incomplete. Now, thanks to the Foundation’s support, the book has finally been completed using additional notes and writings of Dr Tanous, and interviews that were conducted with him on his thoughts and theories into ghosts and conscious survival beyond death. Additionally, this book provides not only a first-hand insight into the Tanous/Osis investigations, but also draws on people’s personal experiences with Dr Tanous during his various explorations of ghosts and hauntings. This is a rare insight into the work and mind of a psychic psychical researcher.

Taken from: http://whitecrowbooks.com/books/page/co ... th_ghosts/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Also his was Dr. Karlis Osis favorite psychic:
Dr. Alex Tanous was Dr. Osis’ favourite and most successful psychic in sophisticated out-of-body experiments, and in investigations of places of reported hauntings and apparitions. What was particularly prominent in this research was the emphasis on the importance of these phenomena for the question of survival of death. In this book Tanous describes and reflects on his remarkable personal experiences….
Taken from: http://whitecrowbooks.com/books/page/co ... th_ghosts/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Here we can see how he worked:
Although Dr Tanous was sceptical of possessions and exorcisms, it is demonstrated in the Dandy House case that he would not dismiss outright those within the church or religious circles who wished to explore such ideas. But he has made it clear in previous statements that these issues are more religiously driven and psychological than anything else. An exorcism may act much like a placebo, in which the suggestion is given that activity within a house will be made to stop by blessing it, and as a result, the occupants unconsciously dismiss bangs and cracking noises throughout the building, which were once interpreted as ‘paranormal’. However, this is just one explanation; each case of a haunting – as Dr Tanous generally agreed – must be judged on its merits, without generalization or prejudice.

Ask any personal counsellor to enumerate the challenges particular to psychological or psychiatric healing and he or she will ultimately tell you that until a counsellor can see a client’s problem as if through the client’s own eyes, there can be no healing.

So how does one go about counselling those whose compulsive or troublesome behaviour continues to manifest beyond death? The answer is, healing occurs in the same way, whether such personal counselling takes place before or after the demise of the physical body.

Confession is always good for the soul, especially for those spirits who feel a desperate need to tell their poignant personal stories. The timelessness of the out-of-body enables me to see where such troubled spirits are coming from, and frees me to be where they are. The Dandy expedition was one such unforgettable case in point.

The Dandy estate was located in a quiet little upstate New York town. Over the years, this sedate homestead had become the meeting place of choice for some rather disquieting spirits. The presence of at least one poltergeist had already been confirmed some five years prior to my arrival. My goal and that of my colleague, Father Alphonsus Trabold of St. Bonaventure University, was to investigate these restless spirits and, if possible, to rid the house of them once and for all.

“The disturbances began as noise without action,” explained the homeowner. “The sound of a window slamming when no window could possibly have slammed… things falling, when they really didn’t fall. Then we had action without noise,” he continued. “A lamp breaking, and we didn’t hear anything. Finally, some kind of creature jumped on Beth (a young girl who lived in the house). I think that’s what frightened me most.”

Soon after I entered the century-old house, I felt spirits there. Father Trabold and I made our way through the rooms with a tape recorder ready. As I acquainted myself with my surroundings, I became more and more absorbed in the house’s history until finally its tumultuous past began to speak through me.

“Birds quiet,” my recorded statement began. “A girl lying in bed, calling for help, getting no response from her mother and father who are arguing. I am now very cold. The chill is getting even stronger. The birds will remain quiet as I leave and draw the energy from the room. There are other energies in the room which are also affecting me. The vibrations are of certain things that have disquieted her over the years… The other energy is that of a girl… oh, I would say 12 or 13 – who was raped and killed. The young girl was raped by a man who was a bachelor… Again, the chills are hitting me…

I’m picking up a young man, 18 or 19, who was killed in an accident. For some reason, all these energies are converging here. There’s also been the death of a man in this room, a death which was a drastic death of agony – not a murder or a suicide.

What I am going to do now is pick up all of this energy… Alright, the energy has now been picked up. As you see, the lights go out. The energy is forcing me to say that it does not want to leave. The energy is here but… her fiancé had a very tragic death. The energies are sorrowful energies. Tragic. The person – the man – drowned and the woman has never gotten over it. The woman locked herself in this room from time to time and would not come out at all…”

At this point I began conversing directly with the spirits or energies involved, directing them to release their sorrows and in so doing to release their consciousness from the confines of the house.

“You must, you must, you must… time has gone, a child cannot be born. I am going to force you, force you. You must leave. The answer is No, you cannot stay. You cannot stay. (Heavy breathing, gasping, was audible on the tape at this point). Alright, alright, let’s go. Let’s go. Alright.”

Now the energy reached out to make physical contact with me.

“The burn is there. I know you burned me. I realize it. But I’m going to take you with me, no matter what happens. I’m holding on to you. Go ahead. No you’re not. You’re not going to take over. I’m going to have you. Alright, going? Let’s go. Let’s go. I want to break you, break you (gasping – audible on the tape).”

Later, Father Trabold described what I had been through, from his point of view:

“At first, you were speaking in a very calm way, sort of commenting on the different vibrations you got. Then, all at once, you stopped for a moment, and suddenly you were completely unaware of us. You started talking to the entity that was there – a young blind girl. It was obvious that the spirit didn’t want to leave. You were saying with more force each time that it should leave, and then parts of your body began to contort, especially your face, and your hands. You began to sway and sort of fall backward, and I put my arms around you and began to hold you. The weight was almost more than I could hold. The force was putting up a tremendous battle but you didn’t give up.”

After my attempt to direct the spirits away from the Dandy house, Father Trabold performed an exorcism. Evidently, our combined efforts worked. The poltergeist activity ceased forever. The burn that I spoke of on the tape? It was real alright. When I unbuttoned my shirt, I found a raw red patch on my side about the size and shape of a 50-cent piece.
Taken from: http://whitecrowbooks.com/books/page/co ... th_ghosts/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

He was also a theologian:
Dr. Tanous completed a classical education at Boston College and collected an impressive array of degrees—M.A. in philosophy from Boston College in 1960; M.A. in Sacred Sciences and Ph.D work at Fordham University; M.S. Ed. Counseling from the University of Maine in 1973; Doctor of Divinity from the College of Metaphysics in Indiana in 1965. Between 1965-1967 Alex taught Theology at Manhattan College and St. Johns University, both located in New York City. In recent years he taught classes on Psychic Phenomena and related topics at the University of Southern Maine.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/content/biography-alex-tanous" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

He has a strange arrays of powers. Boy is he superman?:
From 1968 until the time of his death, he was associated with the American Society of Psychical Research. During this time, he served as the ASPR’s leading “gifted” subject in many experiments. Alex also applied his talents to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders at a psychiatric clinic in Pennsylvania and to studies of Psychic Healing conducted at McGill University in Canada.

Also documented by the ASPR are his powers of astro-projection, bilocation, ESP, psychometry, the Bergman test, and all of his past predictions. In addition, he demonstrated the ability to practice teleportation, faith-healing, communication with ghosts, solidifying light and projecting his thoughts on a screen.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/content/biography-alex-tanous" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

He wrote a psychic prayer:
Read The Psychic’s Prayer, written by Alex Tanous.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/content/biography-alex-tanous" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

His foundation is only to boost his cult nothing more:
Alex Tanous’ Research

A specific wish of Dr. Tanous was for the Foundation to conduct a definitive study of his life. The Foundation recently concluded a research project to document and preserve the details of his life and work. The researchers have complied over 70 hours of audio/video taped interviews in addition to written reports, photos, surveys and other related documents.

Now that this phase of the preservation is complete, the Foundation is making the results of the research available to researchers and other interested parties. The research material will help to further the understanding of the life of Alex as well as provide additional insight into the diversity of his work. It is that diversity which distinguishes him from others in his field.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/content/alex-tanous" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;’-research

Alex Tanous had many powers. Really is he superman??:
She will open with personal stories about his many abilities, including:
• To find missing people.
• To send healing energy to cancer patients who were far away and who went into remission within three days after he did so.
• To Bilocate.
• To see Auras.
• To throw light from his eyes.
• To search for UFO’s with Betty Hill, written up in her last book.
• To talk with Jesus, St. Anne, Isaac Newton, incredible people throughout history.
• Alex’s experiments in the Bermuda Triangle.

There will be plenty of time for questions and answers throughout the afternoon.

Jennifer Allen’s list of accomplishments is long and wide in the business community. She is currently President and Co-Founder of One Unlimited, Inc., dba/ Skin Wisdom Products. Her life philosophy shines through in the corporate motto: We are ONE, Unlimited in our potential.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/category/news ... er?page=12" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Its from this:
Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research Newsletter
The Light: February 2010
Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 2:58pm
The Light: February 2010
A Journey Begins..... In Celebration of our 20th Year

Alex Tanous -
Friend, Healer, Artist, Musician, Professor & Psychic
a teleconferenced talk by Jennifer Allen

Sunday, March 7th, 2010
Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Center
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/category/news ... er?page=12" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
"Death Dies Hard." - Deathstars.

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Re: Dr. Alex Tanous OBE

Post by Shen1986 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:20 pm

More info: Dr. Alex Tanous is a UFO believer:
Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 3:04pm
The Light: April 2011
Dr. Alex Tanous Lecture On UFO's 1979

Now, let us go into UFOs to start out with. Do UFOs exist? And what are UFOs? What pwer have they over us? Have I seen UFO's? First of all, UFO's have always been with us, like electricity, and we are only now discovering them. Ezekiel had the first description of a UFO in the Old Testament. It is also believed, at least by the description that the fiery chariot of Elijah was a UFO, and that he is not dead, and he will one day return. Those who have crossed that “dimension of time and space” with UFOs, will they return? How about the Bermuda Triangle?

First of all, there are different kinds of UFOs. By that I mean they have different shapes. Why they take certain shapes we do not know. The first thing we must realized is that they are not (all) concrete, that they are energy – that’s right, they are energy. We see more UFOs of energy than we see of concrete.

Questions have been asked: Do they come from the water? The question was asked on my trip to the Bermuda Triangle: Do they come from the Bermuda Triangle, and from under dark holes? We do not know either they come from; that is, I don’t know if they come from the water. I know of three places they do come from. One is from other planets, two, is from interdimension, and three, is what we call travel dimension; that is, they jum into certain time-space levels. I will explain that as we go along.

The interdimension UFO perhaps is the one we see most. In other workds, they are – through themselves – able to come into our own dimension Earth. Most of the UFOs that come within interdimension are of energy. Not all cases of people being picked up by UFOs in the National Enquirer and Midnight, etc. are true. They are carbon copies of what they have read and want to believe. They have gone into hallucination. The UFO encounters of the third kind are very, very, very rare. I kow for a fact of only three. All others see m to be a reproduction of what others believe to be.

Some people, like Betty Hill, believe that they could be harmful. I don’t. Some say that they took blood from some of them when they examined them and many other points certainly, it’s like anybody else; if they want to know what you are made of, they are going to examine you. It’s not anymore than you going to the doctor and him taking a blood sample or something from you.

The first case that we really have in which, under hypnosis, they are really able to remember, of course, is the case of Betty and Barney Hill. They lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, when they had lost some hours. It was some years later that they finally went under hypnosis, and there are three things which put the Hill case separate from any other case that we know. In the first case, Betty Hill drew a star map which took years to find (Zeta Reticuli), which later astronomers were able to find. Secondly, she said that one of them took a needle and put it through the navel of Barney to look at his insides and the doctors said that was impossible. Today, medical doctors use a needle through the navel to go to cerain areas. The third was their remembrance only under hypnosis. Now, it is true that you can program a lot of things under hypnosis and believe that they are such, but no one can program a star map which no one knew existed. Or something like a needle through the navel which noone believed could happen. If these two things are ture, then can the rest not be ture? Do you follow the logic we follow through on such a case? The other case was Charles Hickson and his friend in Louisina and the other was in Arizona.

The question has been asked: Have I ever seen UFOs? The answer is “yes”. I saw, just this past year, the most beautiful silver disc ones in the sky as I was driving back from a party with a girlfriend. We looked at it in the sky and I said, “What time is it? And she said, “Two minutes after midnight”. I said, “Well, the last plan to come into Portland is 10:00 p.m. so it couldn’t be a plane.” So we stopped the car and observed it and suddenly it just disappeared. I thought it was coming for me since I was ready with my camera and tape recorder to go up, but it didn’t happen.

The other time I was with Betty Hill for three or four hours. It was on November 24, two years ago. Betty said, “Come up and I’ll show you my place where I have these five UFOs.” Suddenly, four orange UFOs came from behind the trees in formation: one, then two, then one. I took a picture of it with 1600 ASA film, black and white, and what came out was a big white cross. Just as Betty Hill had predicted. Exactly the formation of the cross and that’s what they came out with.

My personal encounter with UFOs were the ones I mentioned in the book Beyond Coincidence. The story goes far more deep than that. I could only, at that time, give the tip of the iceberg. The story does not happen where it is told, primarily, that it was to cover up certain information in which I had no right to release. I did want to write that I believed in UFOs and why. They gave me permission to translate. By that I mean transfer the story to somewhere else.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/category/news ... ter?page=7" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Another sign that his foundation is a cult to make Alex Tanous a god so therefore they are not reliable:
Alex Tanous Memorial Site

One of the many goals of the Foundation was to create an Archive of Dr. Tanous' work and make this accessible to all. This was created and continues to be a work in progress and is accessible through our Web Site's "Media Library"

Another part of this Archive was to create a special final resting place for Dr. Tanous right here in South Portland, Maine. (An actual physical location) This has been completed! Dr. Tanous is laid to rest in Calvary Cemetery at 1461 Broadway South Portland, Maine, (207) 773-5796. A beautiful memorial stone was designed by family and friends and has been placed at his grave site. Please feel free to visit his site while in the area.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/content/light-july-2009" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Dr. Alex Tanous believed dreams are paranormal:
The Light: March 2008
Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 2:50pm
The Light: March 2008

Dr. Tanous wrote his last book before his death on "Dreams, Symbols & Psychic Powers" published in 1990. This book was co-authored by Timothy Gray in which they worked on a collection of real Dream cases from Dr. Tanous classes that he taught for many years at the University of Southern Maine. This class was one of Dr. Tanous most popular as people love to learn more and learn how to read what their dreams are all about. Here is an excerpt from Chapter Eight:

Dreams are messages from your psyche about your psyche. Remembering, recording and reflecting on your dreams enable you to reach a deeper understanding of yourself. Dreams try to give you knowledge of your hidden talents and unused creative energies, as well as knowledge of the negative, neglected or repressed parts of your personality.
Dreams have a reality different from, but no less valid than, the physical reality. At times they seem to weave a hazy thread so elusive you can't quite grasp it, and at other times they portray events so vividly that you are shocked into recognizing something that has been conscioulsy unknown to you. Dreams magnify and intensify feelings in order to bring them to your attention.
Dreams can enrich your life by opening up many new possibilities for you. They are repositories for both your personal unconscious (your forgotten memories, unrealized talents, repressed desires, basic instincts and creative energies) and the collective unconscious (the inherited wisdom of humankind, that dimension where we are all connected with the universal mind.) It is through the understanding of your dreasm that you can reconnect your feelings to your thoughts, and your body/mind to universal spiritual forces.

Dreaming Tips

DREAM RECALL: To remember your dreams give yourself the suggestion, " I will remember my dreams," and repeat it several times before falling asleep. Have a pen and paper next to your bed so you can write down your dreams upon awakening.

RE-ENTER THE DREAM: Relax, deepen and protect yourself. Imagine that you are walking down a long, winding staircase and when you reach the bottom you will step into your dream.

MEDITATE ON A DREAM SYMBOL: Choose a symbol from one of your dreams that is not clear to you. Now relax, deepen and protect your self. Travel to your mind space, see the symnbol and rest quietly, allowing the images and realizations to arise.

DIALOGUE WITH A DREAM CHARACTER: Choose a character from one of your dreams that you would like to learn more about. Relax, deepen and protect yourself. Travel to your mind space, telling yourself that when you arrive there your dream character will appear.

FIND SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS: Give yourself the suggestion that you will have a dream in which the solution to a particular problem will appear. State the suggestion clearly and simply and repeat it several times before going to sleep.

FIND YOUR INNERMOST THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS: If you are unclear about how you really feel about something, give yourself the suggestion that you will have a dream which will reveal your true feelings. Repeat this suggestion several times before going to sleep.

To understand your dreams you must give them the attention and respect that they deserve. You must hold them dear to you, turning over and over in your heart, establishing a dialogue with them until the message becomes clear!
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/category/news ... er?page=19" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Alex Tanous is psychic really? This made me go lol:
Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 2:46pm
The Light: November 2007
Coincidence or Beyond?

This story is from Deb Walsh in Portland, Maine:

I have just discovered your website and wanted to share with you my experiences with Alex Tanous. My family knew Alex very well. My father Leo Walsh was a close and personal friend of Alex and they had many unique experiences both together and with my family. Alex would visit us and it was amazing the connection and power he had. My father and Alex would communicate together in the same room, only sporatically with words, as though they were subconsiously speaking aloud bits of what they were saying to each other.
I grew up knowing Alex and had many encounterws with him helping and guiding me with my abilities as well as helping me to understand my fathers abilities. He was an important part of my childhood and his words of support and wisdom are with me still today.

My mother fondly recalls the time Alex was at our home for dinner for the first time. She was busily moving about cooking and preparing a wonderful meal slightly insecure because she did not know his likes and dislikes of food and always wanted to dazzle her guests with wonderfully prepared meals. She would periodically check in on my father and Alex refreshing their drinkds and recoutns how they were sitting in silence nodding their heads in aggreement and occasionally laughing aloud. When all was ready she joined them in the living room and was silently wondering to herself if Alex liked roast beef and apple pie. At that very moment Alex turned from my father and spoke to my mother startiling her. He said "I'm sure dinner will be fine Marty, and I love roast beef and apple pie". My mother about fell off her seat and quickly excused herself to the kitchen to regain her composure. She still speaks of this encounter to this day and remembers him fondly.

I rembember as a child, when my parents were going through some rough spots in their marriage, Alex would drive to our house on many occasions seeing my brother and I outside playing in the yard and ask to pass messages on to my mother. Without fail these messages which meant nothing to us at the time would make her pale and shew would always saay "How does he know that?"
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/content/light-november-2007" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Yes Alex Tanous read her mind because she was thinking about apple pie and roast beef. He could smell it for heavens sake and these dishes are very common on the other hand:
She was busily moving about cooking and preparing a wonderful meal slightly insecure because she did not know his likes and dislikes of food and always wanted to dazzle her guests with wonderfully prepared meals.
She was cooking the meat and making pie. Only a total fool would not smell that. If this what made Alex Tanous famous then several people who believed in him are really so uncritical that they would jump of a cliff if someone would told them that Jesus is in the water under them.. For the sake of DOG this is really stupidity...

Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/content/light-november-2007" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Also Alex Tanous could heal cancer but he could not heal his eyes??:
Oh Those Eyes...

This story was shared by Linda Witham:

I had a pesonal meeting with Dr. Tanous back in the 1970's when he was a patient seeing Dr. Connolly in the Opthamology Department to be sure that his eyes were not being damaged by the light bulbs he was using for his projections.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/content/light-november-2007" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Ohh yeah he was a teacher and healer and all that foolishness but he could not heal his own eyes.. Really if he could heal cancer why cannot he heal his eyes?? Here is also a photo of him with glasses:


Its from this site: http://www.alextanous.org/category/news ... er?page=16" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Also the image can be found here:
http://www.alextanous.org/images/newsletter/18.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Dr. Alex Tanous claims he can travel in time:
Consciousness Yesterday: Where Psychics and Scientists Met

Dr. Tanous (Psychic) met Dr. Karlis Osis (Scientist) and at the time the Director of The American Society for Psychical Research, (New York) as a result of a trip to Russia.
Under the supervision of Dr. Osis at the ASPR, Alex Tanous took part in out-of-body experiments for over 10 years. All of their work was well-documented and used accross the world in many case studies involving Remote Viewing.

Dr. Tanous once said in an interview about his work with Dr. Osis: "Along with a small group of scientists investigating the paranmormal - and some other psychics - I am convinced people can travel long distances, that they can go forward and backward in time - or both, separately or together - by doing nothing more then exercising their will. My reason for believing this is simple enough: I've done it myself, literally dozens of times. I've done it in front of witnesses. I've been seen at distant locales while it was verifed that I was at home. I've been detected by laboratory instruments in one place while it was known by all involved that I was in another."

In a series of ESP tests given to Dr. Alex Tanous in which he scored very high, Dr. Osis wrote "the law of probability that is was chance was 1 out of 3,000." From 1968 until the time of his death, Tanous was associated with the ASPR as one of their gifted subjects in a variety of experiements such as faith healing, projecting thoughts on a screen, solidifying light, OBE, and communicating with ghost, all done with scientists.
Taking from: http://www.alextanous.org/category/news ... er?page=22" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Yeah you can have everything you want. Just keep thinking about it. This is the same woo like from all the New Agers:
Direct Your Energies

In a world where people are so busy multi-tasking as many jobs as we can in one day, rarely do we find the time to take care of oursleves!

Dr. Tanous once said "Inside us is all we'll ever want - we do not have to go outside ourselves to be happy. You only have to make yourself real."

In a lecture presented by Dr. Tanous at a conference called "Psychic Realities '81" he talked about people seeking consciousness, and that so much consciousness is being lost. He added that when people loose consciousness, stress begins, high blood pressure starts and even cancer. He felt that people can not seem to let go of what isn't real. He told his audience to direct their energies in a chosen direction, and that whatever one's wants are, they will become real.

Dr. Tanous stated "If you have a problem, throw it out ot consciousness. If you believe in this, your problem will be all right. People are afraid to take risks, Tanous said, and added that if people would continure the thinking stage into the action stage, they would be able to do anything they set their minds to."
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/category/news ... er?page=24" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Oh yes Alex Tanous can project images onto walls:
Image Projection: As Seen By Different People

"On Saturday night, Ocotber 25, 1969, shortly after midnight, while Dr. Alex Tanous and five other people and my husband were all talking in our living room, I turned my head over to say something to Mrs. Sylvia Allen and her husband and Mrs. Mary McKenzie, my eyes went to the wall in the corner. I saw the outline of the ship in light, a reproduction of the picture on the wall. I quickly took my eyes off it, as I was very frightenend at what I saw. My hands were shaking, I could not beleive what I was seeing so I looked again and it was still there. I wasn't going to say anything, but I just had to ask everyone if they had seen it.
Dr. Tanous then immediately asked me what I saw, and I told him. He said, "Yes I just projectd that picture onto the wall."
After that, starting across the top of another picture and going all around it was a wide band of light framing the picture. In the corner of the room, a wide band of light starting from the ceiling extended down to the floor, flashes of light making like frames were everywhere in that area. The left wall was quite dark and the opposite wall was very light. This went on from after midnight till almost 2 a.m. The band of light in the corner would not go away.
Dr. Tanous said, "I cannot turn it off." Until he got up from his chair, put his hands over his eyes and turned away from it, the light remained. After that, my fear had left me, and I was very amazed at all that had happended."

Very Sincerely,
Mrs. Mary L. Pawlowski
Portland, Maine
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/category/news ... er?page=27" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Yeah right she saw a shadow on a wall and she became scared. Oh boy these people were so gullible. Second Tanous first asked her what she saw.. The responded. He made it all up only to sell these people hopes and to behave that he is special.
Lights Out

Once during a fund-raiser for an antidrug program in Machias, Maine, someone in the audience asked Dr. Tanous if he could put out all the lights in the high school auditorium. "I don't know," he replied, "but I'll give it a try." Alex stared at a glowing bulb, as if to draw energy from it. "Lights Out!" he commanded, and moments later the hall was ptich-black, and so were all the rooms in the school. For nearly a minute, there wasn't a burning light in the town of Machias- a total power failure. "Afterward," wrote Tanous, "I was interviewed by the local radio station. I could not explain waht happended. But I was sure I had caused it.
This happened on April 28, 1970
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/category/news ... er?page=27" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

This made me laugh. He himself didn't knew what he did? It was just coincidence or a staged act. This story only shows his god like ego and nothing more. When we all have these super abilities then Alex Tanous would be ruling god and not a charlatan. The more I read this the more I am becoming doubtful of any of his claims..

Also this was funny:
The Light: November 2005
Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 2:18pm
The Light: November 2005
"Beyond Coincidence": Sharing Stories About Alex


When he (Alex) was 13, a woman whose son was serving in the armend forces approached young Tanous and asked if her boy would return from the war. Tanous predicted that he would but advised the woman she should warn her son to avoid corssing railroad tracks. the solider returned home safe and sound but a few days later was struck and killed by a train as he crossed a set of tracks.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/category/news ... er?page=27" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Yeah that was so precise. No date no time. Only that he never should step on a railroad track.. Hmm he should have buy a car and never go to trains..

Here is his whole biography. Strange that his siblings don't have these abilities:
The Light: July 2005
Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 2:13pm
The Light: July 2005
Celebrating Our 15th Year in Remembrance of Our Founder: Dr. Alexander S. Tanous

Alex's Timeline

1926 Born, Van Buren, Maine
1929 Brother Nolan Herbert born
1929 Out-of-Body Experience, 18 months old
1930 Brother Joseph Nagel Hayheme born
1931 Brother Joseph Wakine Gregory born
1933 Brother Joseph Vernerd Randolph born
1934 Brother Charles Beshara Abdow born
1935 Brother David John Francis is born
1937 Father "Thomas" died unexpectedly
1938 Brother Thomas Jr. born
1944 Van Buren High School graduate
1945 Military service 6-7 months, medical discharge
1950 Fort Devens
1954 Stonehill Seminary (to 1957)
1956 Camp Counselor/Camp Roosevelt Boy Scout Camp
1957 Brother David died, September
B.S. history, Boston College
Mother (Alice) and brother Nagel died
1960 M.A. Philosophy, Boston College
Brother Nolan died
1961 Continued Studies
1962 Attended Ecumenical Council in Rome (1962-65) Vatican II
Stonehill College/Our Lady of Holy Cross Seminary
1963 M.A. Philosophy, Fordham University
1964 Doctoral Studies, Fordham University
1965 Taught theology at Manhattan College and St. John's University, N.Y. (to 67)
Brother Wakine buys summer camp, Alex summers with family (65-68)
Doctor of Divinity from College of Metaphysics
1967 Visited Blind School regularly Cathedral, Portland, ME Sisters of Mercy
1968 Teaching, Thornton Academy (to 1974 WT)
1973 M.S. Counseling, University of Southern Maine
1974 Bermuda Triangle expedition, Ju!y 21 to Aug. 3
1975 "Beyond Coincidence" book publishing
1978 Remote viewing project, federal government
Let go from St. Anselms because of psychic activities
Work at the Casey Institute (78-79)
Began teaching at Chevrus High School
1979 "Is Your Child Psychic?" book publishing
Plane crash, Bangor, Maine Nov. 18, 1979, 4:35 p.m.
1982 Quebec City police case, murdered girl
1984 Case work with Secret Service re: various intelligence operational mattens / (re: letters to Pres. Reagan)
1985 Trip to London
Trip to China, summer
1986 Trip to California, visit to David Viscot, psychiatrist friend, met Terry Ogisu
Trip to Egypt, summer
1987 Heart attack, Canada, ignored symptoms and went to Japan- heart damage
1989 Hospitalized with stomach pains (pancreatic cancer)
1990 Finished writing "Contact" manuscript
Died, July 7, 1990 (heart failure)
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/content/light-july-2005" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

He died on cancer but some reports report that he died of heart failure but he had also cancer according to this biography..

I am posting this whole to show those believers in Alex Tanous that he was a fraud nothing more. Giving him a god status doesn't make it up.
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Re: Dr. Alex Tanous OBE

Post by Shen1986 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:17 pm

Found more information on Dr. Karlis Osis. He wrote this article called LIFE AFTER DEATH?:
excerpted from an article by
Karlis Osis, Ph.D.
Taken from: http://www.aspr.com/osis.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

In the article he claims this:
Messages Ostensibly from the Dead
Messages interpreted as coming from the dead are reported in many cultures. They captured the interest of Western intellectuals in the heyday of spiritualism, from the middle of the nineteenth-century to the first decade of the twentieth-century. Scholars struggled to develop methods for separating the ostensibly real from chance coincidences, believers' excessive claims, and the often fraudulent practices of mediums. William James, the great thinker in American psychology at the time, discovered a psychic genius, Lenora Piper, who was extensively studied by scholars in the United States and England. The literature is too voluminous and complex to be abstracted here (e.g., Myers, 1903; Hart, 1959; Gauld, 1982). Many luminaries have been impressed by the emerging evidence for the survival hypothesis. For example, a past president of the American Psychological Association, Gardner Murphy, wrote (1961, p. 273), "Where, then, do I stand? To this the reply is: What happens when an irresistible force strikes an immovable object?" As a psychologist of his day he could not accommodate the pressure of evidence and remained "unmovable" until his death - so far as I know. His Challenge of Psychical Research (1961) provides an excellent description of that "irresistible force."
Messages coming in dreams are sometimes suggestive. For example, J. L. Chaffin (Anon, 1927) appeared to his disinherited son, giving clues for finding a second will. Following the dream message, the will was found and recognized by the court, restoring the inheritance to the dreamer. Most clearly identifiable messages come from specially gifted psychics such as L. Piper, G. O. Leonard, and E. J. Garrett. While some psychics have claimed to identify the sources of their information as coming from spirits of the deceased, it soon becomes clear that they may give the wrong address. Without being aware of it, psychics incorporate in their messages bits of information that have come from their living informants, the persons seeking to communicate with beloved dead. It has been argued that if messages from the dead are to be verifiable, they have to be checked either with a living person, records, or objects. Psychics can also access these "living" sources by their ESP - without requiring any information obtained from the dead. This, roughly, is the super-ESP hypothesis. The best mediumistic data are hardly interpretable in this way. ESP from this-world sources was indeed available but it had to be pieced together from various obscure documents found in different places. Gauld's Mediumship and Survival (1982) provides the best contemporary overview...
Taken from: http://www.aspr.com/osis.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

He believed according to the article on psychics like Leonora Piper:
William James, the great thinker in American psychology at the time, discovered a psychic genius, Lenora Piper, who was extensively studied by scholars in the United States and England.
Taken from: http://www.aspr.com/osis.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

and others:
Most clearly identifiable messages come from specially gifted psychics such as L. Piper, G. O. Leonard, and E. J. Garrett.

Taken from: http://www.aspr.com/osis.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I will now look on the psychics itself:

Leonora Piper is a fraud:
he scientific community have rejected the telepathic and spiritualist hypotheses and have written that there is no need to resort to the paranormal as fraud and psychology explains the mediumship of Piper. The psychologists G. Stanley Hall and Amy Tanner who observed some of the trances of Piper wrote the explanation was in terms of the subconscious mind harboring various personalities that pretended to be spirits or controls. Piper had subconsciously absorbed information that she later regurgitated as messages from spirits in her trances.[2]

Psychical researchers and scientists who investigated Piper also believed she was fraudulent. Andrew Lang wrote that Piper would cheat when she could by making guesses and would try and get information out of her sitters.[3] A detailed refutation of Piper was by the physiologist Ivor Lloyd Tuckett who examined her mediumship in 75 pages and came to the conclusion it could explained by "muscle-reading, fishing, guessing, hints obtained in the sitting, knowledge surreptitiously obtained, knowledge acquired in the interval between sittings and lastly, facts already within Mrs. Piper's knowledge".[4]

Piper made many errors and mistakes in her mediumship. The following information can be found in the books by Ivor Lloyd Tuckett (1911), Edward Clodd (1917), Walter Mann (1919), Joseph McCabe (1920), Joseph Rinn (1950) and Martin Gardner (2003).
Piper's supposed "spirit" control Moses said that a great world war was going to take place. Germany would have no part in it and that it would be caused by Russia and France against England.
Piper's control Walter Scott made absurd statements about the planets. He claimed beautiful creatures live inside Venus and the Sun is populated by "dreadful looking creatures" which he described as monkeys that live in caves made out of sand and mud. Her control "Walter Scott" claimed to have visited all the planets and when asked if he had seen a planet further away from Saturn answered "Mercury".
Piper's control who claimed to be the writer George Pellew did not know any Greek or philosophy but during his life Pellew was well educated in these subjects. Pellew's family members were shown the communications of Piper' control and they were insulted by what they had read. A cousin of Pellew declared that the impersonation was "beneath contempt" and his brother said the communications were nothing like the real Pellew and were "utter drivel and inanity".
Piper's control "Phinuit" who claimed to be a French doctor could speak very little French and had no knowledge of medicine. Phinuit's historical existence could not be verified by any researcher. William James described the Phinuit communications as "tiresome twaddle".
Piper's control who claimed to be the deceased psychical researcher Edmund Gurney was heavily criticized by parapsychologists who had known Gurney during his life. Frank Podmore wrote that the control sounded nothing like the personality of the real Gurney. William James also strongly rejected the claim that Gurney communicated through Piper.
Before his death the psychical researcher Frederic Myers left a message in a sealed envelope. Piper's Myers control failed to reveal the message. The Myers control of Piper also failed to understand Greek and Latin, this was unlike the real Myers who was a classicist scholar.
The Hodgson control of Piper sounded nothing like the real Richard Hodgson. When friends put test questions to the control of Hodgson about his early life in Australia, the answers were all wrong. Before he died Hodgson had written a test letter, and claimed that if he was to communicate through Piper he would reveal the contents inside the letter. Piper's Hodgson control failed to reveal the test letter.
The Irish anatomist Alexander Macalister who attended a séance sitting wrote that apart from one common guess Piper got nothing correct and that her trance mediumship was a poor imposture.
Thomas Barkworth who held the hand of Piper in one of her séances accused her of practicing muscle reading. Piper liked to hold a client's hand throughout a sitting, or even to place the hand against their forehead.
The English astronomer George Darwin attended two séance sittings with Piper anonymously. The control of Piper mentioned names, but according to Darwin "not a single name or person was given correctly, although perhaps nine of ten were named."
Horace Howard Furness attended a séance with Piper and concluded that the she had feigned her trances. During the séance Furness caught Piper with her eyes open, looking at some flowers which he had placed in the room.
The Scottish folklorist Andrew Lang wrote that Piper would practice cold reading. According to Lang "Piper would cheat when she could—that is to say, she would make guesses, try to worm information out of her sitter, describe a friend of his, alive or dead, as ‘Ed.,’ who may be Edgar, Edmund, Edward, Edith, or anybody."
The English classical scholar Walter Leaf attended séances with Piper and described them as unsatisfactory as she got nothing correct.
Thomas W. M. Lund before a séance with Piper told another sitter about his son's illness and his wife's plans "within earshot of Mrs. Piper." In the séance Piper's control mentioned his statements. Lund suggested that Piper was not unconscious during the séance and that she had used clever guess work and other mentalist tricks.
The American paleontologist Nathaniel Shaler attended some séances with Piper and wrote in a letter to William James that he could not "exclude the hypothesis of fraud".
Taken from: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Leonora_Piper" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

She is also in the skeptic dictionary:

http://www.skepdic.com/piper.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Here is also skeptical information:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonora_Pi ... _reception" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

E. J. Garrett:
Eileen Jeanette Vancho Lyttle Garrett (March 17, 1893 – September 15, 1970) was an Irish medium and parapsychologist. Skeptics who have studied the mediumship of Garrett came to the conclusion that she had no genuine psychic ability.[1]
Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eileen_J._Garrett" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Or also this:
In 1930 it was claimed by spiritualists that during a series of séances in London, Garrett channeled secret information from the spirit of the Lieutenant Herbert Carmichael Irwin who had died in the R101 crash a few days before the séance. Researcher Melvin Harris who studied the case wrote that the information described in Garrett's séances were "either commonplace, easily absorbed bits and pieces, or plain gobblede- gook. The so-called secret information just doesn't exist."[1]

The magician John Booth analyzed the mediumship of Garrett and the paranormal claims of R101 and considered her to be a fraud.[16]
Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eileen_J._Garrett" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Or here:
Eileen J. Garrett (1893-1970) was an Irish parapsychologist and medium.

As a child and into her youth, Garrett showed symptoms of a dissociative identity disorder and she reported to have heard voices that were not real.[1] She also experienced delusional fantasies and hallucinations.[2]

Garrett did not believe in life after death and attributed her supposed spirit controls in her séances to the product of her own subconscious.[3]

Garrett was most famous for the alleged R101 séances that took place in 1930. In these séances it was claimed by spiritualists that Garrett had channeled secret information from the spirit of Lieutenant Herbert Carmichael Irwin who had died in the R101 airship crash a few days before the séance and have claimed there was no possible naturalistic explanation for knowing such information. Skeptics have debunked the absurd paranormal or spiritualist claims regarding the R101 séances. The entire thing had been fabricated by spiritualists.

According to the magician John Booth, Garrett's notes and writings show that she followed the building of the R101 and that she had friends in high places and the aircraft blueprints could have easily been passed to her by a technician from the airdrome.[4] However, whilst skeptics are in agreement with Booth that Garrett was a fraud, he did not personally examine the séance material regarding R101, no secret accomplice was needed.

Paranormal debunker Melvin Harris went back to the primary sources and read over the R101 séance material and discovered that the whole thing was a hoax, the entire thing had been fabricated by spiritualists as the alleged communications themselves contained no secret information about the R101 airship. Archie Jarman also researched the R101 airship and compared the information to Garrett's and wrote an 80,000-word report on the topic concluding that the séance information was valueless and that we should "best forget the psychic side of R-101; it's a dead duck— absolutely!"[5]

Unfortunately spiritualists such as Michael Prescott and Michael E. Tymn who have not researched the topic in depth continue to spread the myth that Garrett communicated with spirits from the R101 airship.[6]

Garrett founded the Parapsychology Foundation in New York City in 1951 which has been known to promote pseudoscience.
Taken from: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Eileen_Garrett" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

He is a believer and uses fraud people..

Also his conclusion is great:
Evidence for possible survival of bodily death comes mainly from research on the following phenomena: apparition experiences collectively perceived, some types of out-of-body experiences, certain aspects of near-death experiences, selected communications ostensibly coming from the dead... Assessments of the evidence vary greatly among researchers, ranging from those who find no acceptable evidence for survival (Siegel, 1980) to those who find certainty (Hart, 1959). The researcher's own philosophical outlook seems to have a strong influence on the conclusions that are reached. Most researchers take a position somewhere in the middle, and various theories of survival are presented by Thouless (1984). Apparently, the evidence is not yet strong enough to sway scholars whose philosophy has no place for disembodied existence.
Most Americans, regardless of their age or level of education, say they believe in life after death. When death approaches us or our dear ones, the research findings mentioned above might be useful to these believers and, possibly, to some others, especially if they themselves have experienced phenomena suggestive of afterlife. Of course, when counseling, one's own opinions and beliefs should be given less emphasis than the background, ideas, and feelings of the client.
Taken from: http://www.aspr.com/osis.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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Re: Dr. Alex Tanous OBE

Post by Whitedude » Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:14 pm

Well said Shen. There's four "big" names in spiritualism that woo-believers promote as genuine, they are:

1. Daniel Dunglas Home
2. Leonora Piper
3. Eileen Garrett
4. Gladys Osborne Leonard

There have been 1000s of spiritualist books that have claimed these mediums were genuine (even modern books) and spiritualists on blogs such as Michael Prescott and Michael E. Tymn are still claiming these mediums communicated with spirits. In reality they were all frauds and were exposed on a number of occasions. Unfortunately the woo-believers never read any sceptical material and are not interested in any evidence against their mediums.
I am not longer posting on this forum. Too busy in real life with other interests.

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Re: Dr. Alex Tanous OBE

Post by Shen1986 » Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:08 am

Whitedude wrote:Well said Shen. There's four "big" names in spiritualism that woo-believers promote as genuine, they are:

1. Daniel Dunglas Home
2. Leonora Piper
3. Eileen Garrett
4. Gladys Osborne Leonard

There have been 1000s of spiritualist books that have claimed these mediums were genuine (even modern books) and spiritualists on blogs such as Michael Prescott and Michael E. Tymn are still claiming these mediums communicated with spirits. In reality they were all frauds and were exposed on a number of occasions. Unfortunately the woo-believers never read any sceptical material and are not interested in any evidence against their mediums.
Thanks for the info had problem with the last one Gladys Osborne Leonard.. Thanks a lot..
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Re: Dr. Alex Tanous OBE

Post by Shen1986 » Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:58 pm

Wanted to add this. Alex Tanous did not believe that Amityville was haunted:
Thank you for your letter of October 2, 1979 in regards to the statement made by Ed Warren on the Brian Dow hadio Show on September. 1, 1979, that I had levitated two feet of the ground in the Amityville house is untrue. I personally found anything that resembled any of the paranormal things mentioned in the book.

In an article which appeared in the Star after my visit said that I had said that that it was demonic forces at work is also untrue. Anyone who knows me, know that I DO NOT BELIEVE IN DEVIL POSSESSSION. In regards to the contract etc. I cannot make any statement on this since all my findings are property of the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH. What was said in privite conversation to Steven Kaplan was not meant nor can it be published since it would break my contract with the ASPR.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/sites/default ... 590507.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Note: The errors in the writing are not mine but its from the pdf. If you don't believe me look into it yourself.

Here we see two interesting things:

1. All what can Tanous say or not must be confirmed by the ASPR and that means he could only release data with the stuff they preach.
2. He found nothing special in the Amityville house. Here is the second quote from the pdf on the second page.:
On September 1st a.m., on the Brian Dow show called "True Inside Story of Amityville," with George Lutz, the Warrens, Rick Moran, and Steve Kaplan, I understand it was stated --- and later reported to me that this was stated, by Steve Kaplan --- that Mr. Ed Warren made the statement that I had levitated two feet of the ground when I was doing the research at the Amityville house.

I would like to verify if this statement was indeed made, for, if it was, I want you and your listeners to know that this statement that I levitated two feet is untrue. Furthermore, in my investigation, I witnessed nothing paranormal existing in the house.
Taken from: http://www.alextanous.org/sites/default ... 590507.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

So we can see that Alex Tanous found nothing paranormal in the house. This is strange because according to someone else there was paranormal activity:
Holzer's most famous investigation was into The Amityville Horror case. In January 1977, Holzer and spiritual medium Ethel Meyers entered 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York. Meyers claimed that the house had been built over an ancient Native American burial ground and the angry spirit of a Shinnecock Indian Chief - "Rolling Thunder" - had possessed the previous occupant, Ronald Defeo Jr., driving him to murder his family. Photographs taken at the scene revealed curious anomalies such as the halos which appeared in the supposed images of bullet marks made in the original 1974 murders. Holzer's claim that the house was built on Indian sacred land was, however, denied by the local Amityville Historical Society and it was pointed out that it was the Montaukett Indians, and not the Shinnecocks, who had been the original settlers in the area. However, Indian burial sites have been found all over Long Island, including Amityville, so no one has been able to confirm or deny the burial of an Indian chief on or near the 112 Ocean Avenue property. Holzer went on to write several books about the subject, both fiction and non-fiction.
Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Holzer" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Its interesting because it shows that mediums or even paranormal researchers cannot agree on one thing. It is very interesting..
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Re: Dr. Alex Tanous OBE

Post by Shen1986 » Sun May 05, 2019 2:37 am

New info:
In the 1970s Osis conducted many out-of-body experience (OBE) experiments with the psychic Alex Tanous. For a series of these experiments he was asked whilst in an OBE state to try to identify coloured targets that were placed in remote locations. Osis reported that in 197 trials there were 114 hits. However, the controls to the experiments have been criticized and according to Susan Blackmore the final result was not particularly significant, as 108 hits would be expected by chance. Blackmore noted that the results provide "no evidence for accurate perception in the OBE".[9]
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karlis_Osis#Alex_Tanous

There is more on the wikipedia page about him. Also Osis is quite sloppy with his work:
(3) Death-bed visions. Osis and Haraldsson (1974, 1977) sent out questionnaires to doctors and nurses to ask them to describe the verbal accounts of death-bed visions of people in their last moments of dying. The question is whether these persons were able to communicate with departed friends or relatives at the last moment or were merely hallucinating, as skeptics suggest they were. In any case, virtually all of this data is second-hand, and is influenced by cultural expectations that when we die we will meet people on the other side.
https://web.archive.org/web/20060213110 ... tural.html

Its from the article: The New Paranatural Paradigm Claims of Communicating with the Dead by Paul Kurtz in 2000 November/December issue.
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