Shorter lives, Poorer health USA

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Shorter lives, Poorer health USA

Post by Lance Kennedy » Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:40 am

Reference :New Scientist, 20 January 2018, page 24

Shorter Lives, Poorer Health is a 2013 joint report by the Institute of Medicine and the US National Research Council

It shows that the USA uniquely among developed nations is undergoing backwards development in the health and life span of its citizens. People are in worse health and dying at a younger age. According to the author, this trend continues to the present.

The reasons are given as,

Opioid overdose deaths
High rates of gun deaths
Higher infant mortality
Poor health care among the poor

Despite the fact that the USA spends more money per person on health, its record is very bad. Compared to Britain, the US spends $9364 per person versus $4094 in the UK, for poorer results. This is not due to poor doctors or facilities. The USA can do very well. Generally, the wealthy in the US get excellent health care, while the poor suffer.

The author predicts that if the Affordable Care Act is done away with, the situation will get even worse.

It looks as if living outside the USA is the better option .

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Re: Shorter lives, Poorer health USA

Post by scrmbldggs » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:01 am

Of course they're not doing well with shorter livers. :roll:
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