Comparison of schools systems by country

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Comparison of schools systems by country

Post by Skepchick » Fri May 12, 2006 3:17 pm

Does anyone know of any articles/studies that study comparative benefits or faults of varying education systems?

I had the benefit of experiencing both Soviet and American education systems. Although when I came to the states, I felt most of my peers were quite behind me in their education level, particularly in math and science, I learned that quite a few were in advanced courses that were comparible, and I also later came to appreciate the wider American system. I felt that Russian system was more intense in the beginning, but for fewer students. In my school in Russia, many kids were dropped with 8th grade education at 14, they were not worth teaching further according to the school. After that their choices were quite limited.

I know some praise systems in Japan and other Asian countries for rigor of study, and some stay it is rote memorization and pressure, not understanding of underlying concepts.

Sorry, not being entirely coherent here.

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Post by d.e.hillshafer » Fri May 12, 2006 11:21 pm

The PISA study is a large, international study.

Wikipedia has a good summary of it. ... Assessment

You can find the full report here.,2 ... _1,00.html

Some interesting results indicate that countries that spend more on education, don't necessarily do better. The US spent more per child than many countries, but was ranked at 24 out of 29. They test virtually every aspect of education, including many aspects of organization.