Education Activists seek to mimic Occupy Wallstreet

Methods and means of supporting critical thinking in education
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Education Activists seek to mimic Occupy Wallstreet

Post by The Sea is Mine » Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:50 am

I like this movement already. They should included an extra. "An end to succumbing to helicopter parents of spoiled, lazy American children ... _blog.html" onclick=";return false;

Here i quote some of the manifesto

*ALL high stakes testing and punitive policies that label schools, punish students, and close public community schools

*ALL high stakes testing that ties teacher evaluations, pay, and job security to high stakes test results

*Corporate interventions in public education and education policy

*The use of public education funds to enact school “choice” measures influenced and supported by the corporate agenda

*Economically and racially segregated school communities

*“Model” legislation that provides special rules to charter schools that are forced upon public schools

*Corporate run for-profit charter schools that divert public funds away from public schools

*Mandates requiring teachers to use corporate approved, scripted programs that sublimate and negate authentic and meaningful learning experiences imparted by varied and rich curricula
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