NA Climate Boundary Shifts East

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NA Climate Boundary Shifts East

Post by Pyrrho » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:58 pm ... al-warming
In the late 1800s, geologist and explorer John Wesley Powell first described a clear boundary running longitudinally through North America along the 100th meridian west that visibly separated the humid eastern part of the continent from the more arid western plains. Now, 140 years later, scientists have confirmed that such a sharp climatic boundary exists and that it is slowly shifting east due to climate change — a change that scientists say could have significant implications on farming in the region. ... ving-east/
In two just-published papers, they examine how it has played out in history so far, and what the future may hold. They confirm that the divide has turned out to be very real, as reflected by population and agriculture on opposite sides. They say also that the line appears to be slowly moving eastward, due to climate change. They say it will almost certainly continue shifting in coming decades, expanding the arid climate of the western plains into what we think of as the Midwest. The implications for farming and other pursuits could be huge. ... -17-0011.1 ... -17-0012.1
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Re: NA Climate Boundary Shifts East

Post by bobbo_the_Pragmatist » Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:13 pm

No "could be" about it. The Ogallala Aquifer already pumped near dry. there goes the wheat and corn....just not a good crop for indoor hydroponics. Hmmmm....I wonder what the solution will be? Massive water diversion projects from futher East....or GMO?

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