According to deniers, Poland started WW2

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According to deniers, Poland started WW2

Post by Goody67 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:36 pm

According to a denier on RODOH, Poland started WW2:
By International Rules when one country engages in a General Mobilization against another then that is casus belli, act of war, permitting a full military response from the threatened country. Poland had engaged in a general mobilization prior to the German attack that August. Twice at least as a matter of fact. Hitler actually showed great patience in not attacking after the first Polish mobilization. He had hoped the British would broker a settlement between the two. A second mobilization was simply too much. Had Hitler restrained from attacking and the Poles attacked instead, with the British and French committed to joining in on a war with Germany no matter what the circumstances, Hitler would have been accused of gross negligence and probably treason for not properly responding to the threat. ... 30#p135798

I replied with several points:

Hitler claimed that the Sudetenland was his last territorial demand in 1938 and went back on his word and invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia and demanded the return of Memel from Lithuania in 1939.

Hitler privately admitted that Danzig was not the main issue but Lebensraum (living space) in the East.

Rydz-Śmigły was persuaded to stop the mobilisation by the French because they had hoped for a diplomatic settlement. However, the French were unaware that the Germans were fully mobilised and at the Polish border.

Why should the Poles have trusted Hitler? He had shown the world with Czechoslovakia that he could not keep his word, the Poles rightfully feared for their independence and sovereignty.

His best rebuttal was:
I'm also surprised that you would be so naive to believe all this got started in less than a month prior to the attack. Your argument sounds more like you got your information from books like; "World War 2 Explained for Young Readers" Your arguments are about on that level. ... 50#p135847

rollo the granger thinks that because the Poles were partially mobilised at the end of August that it was an Act of War which justified the German invasion of Poland. He has failed to explain the facts that Hitler had actually ordered the invasion of Poland on 26 August, the Jabłonków incident, the German troops had been at the Polish border for a week and that Ribbentrop dismissed any diplomatic settlement.

Jew Berg posted:
Were the Poles ever likely to concede that Danzig should be returned to Germany? I think not. That means simply that the Poles did NOT believe in "self-determination," one of Woodrow Wilson's most important points. Goody67 obviously does not believe in "self-determination" either if it helps the Germans.

FPBerg ... 50#p135959

Jew Berg doesn't seem to realise that Hitler did not care about the self-determination of the Czechs when he invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia and that the Poles had every right to be dubious about any of Hitler's so-called offers.

rollo the granger deliberately ommited the rest of post and quoted "The French wanted a diplomatic settlement." and posted:
So did Hitler. He had been trying to effect a diplomatic settlement with the Poles since at least 1934. If you think not, it's a matter of record. And I agree, the French seemed quite willing to see a diplomatic settlement. But the British didn't and neither did the Poles.
Except Hitler did not want a diplomatic settlement at all. He changed his opinion of the Poles over time and secretly desired Lebensraum in the East. rollo the granger truly is an idiot if he believes that Hitler would have stopped at simply annexing Danzig.

I'm currently banned for an unknown reason, I shall respond to the moron as soon as I am unbanned.
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Re: According to deniers, Poland started WW2

Post by Jeffk 1970 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:45 pm

They banned you for actually making an intelligent argument.
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