Summer 1941: German extermination orders and escalation of the murder actions in the occupied East

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Summer 1941: German extermination orders and escalation of the murder actions in the occupied East

Post by Statistical Mechanic » Thu Nov 01, 2018 1:54 am

Jon Harrison brings up three interesting topics in his recent blog article at Holocaust Controversies, "Mattogno's Distortion of Orders in his Italian Einsatzgruppen Book".

First, it seems that revisionists are concerned about the forthcoming English translation of Mattogno's book on the Einsatzgruppen. Roberto Muehlenkamp's HC series on Jäger has evidently shaken some of them enough that they are publicly asking Mattogno to address some issues. Harrison says,
An English translation of Carlo Mattogno's Einsatzgruppen study, which had previously appeared in Italian in two parts (1 and 2) has just been translated and is undergoing "author proofing" before being made available as Holocaust Handbook No. 39. However, towards the end of October 2018, Germar Rudolf wrote that "We have submitted a long list of open issues -- including remarks made by the HC Blog -- to the author for his review, and are awaiting his feedback" . . .
Harrison speculates that in addition to the Jäger series Hans' article on SK Lange may raise other issues which Mattogno needs to address and that his own blog article will also do so.

As most readers here will recall, VFX decided to ignore the findings in Muehlenkamp's series and in doing so lost an opportunity for revisionists to counter his arguments; however, readers may also remember that at Rodoh a denier calling himself Werd raised the problem Muehlenkamp's series poses for Mattogno.

Second, as he did in some earlier blog pieces (here and here), and as we did in this forum, for example here, here and here, Harrison shows that the denier argument that the Germans "intended to shoot Jews not 'as Jews' but because they were assumed by the Germans to be aiding Bolshevism and the partisans" cannot be sustained in the face of the documentation.

Last, Harrison shows that Mattogno book relies on "distortions regarding orders" given to the German police units. It's this last piece to which I want to devote this thread.

The basic orders for security operations in the East have been discussed previously in the following posts:

- chronology
- another chronological view
- discussion of Heydrich orders, Pretszch meeting, Filbert
- orders and propaganda
- Ohlendorf's testimony on his orders
- orders as reflected in reports from security units
- orders and testimonies

In the next day or few I'll update these earlier posts to create a review of orders under which the Einsatzgruppen and other security units operating in the East worked during summer 1941 and the key steps in the escalation of mass murder of the Jews during summer 1941.

After doing that I will add a note on testimonies of Einsatzgruppen officers given during the NMT trial of Einsatzgruppen leaders, trial no. IX. This may go slowly, as I have some other things going on, but I believe that it would be nice to have this material pulled together for reference and discussion.

In the meantime, Harrison's article is well worth reading along with Muehlenkamp's series and Hans's article.
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Re: Summer 1941: German extermination orders and escalation of the murder actions in the occupied East

Post by Jeffk 1970 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 2:05 am

This is my post so I can follow along.
Question for Groening by a reporter:
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Hhhhhhhmmmmmm, is it possible that Carlo Mattogno is the greatest scholar the world has ever known?
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