Playing with estimates - does it really matter.

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Re: Playing with estimates - does it really matter.

Post by Balsamo » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:55 pm

Denying-History wrote:Seems besides the point considering the context in which we are discussing is Mattogno level vs partial acceptance. You should also be aware by negationist I mean he nullifies evidence, similar to Irving, while accepting other chunks as authentic. Personally its rather hard to label him a denier as this places him on the same level of honesty as Mattogno, which is only slightly true.
I know, but in this case, i think that the term "revisionist" might be appropriate, or well maybe "Skeptic".

The neologism "negationiste" was created specifically for Faurisson and his followers, is what i meant. And for me, but it is because i know him better than other deniers, Faurisson beats everyone when it comes to intellectual dishonesty, sometimes he does not even bother to nullifying evidence, he just ignores and disregards them.

I do think that Cole was of a different kind. When he published his video - and that was quite a long time ago - he was young, probably a bit rebel, while there were no real details on the how. As far as i remember, he essentially asked question - which is always a good start. I do not remember him promoting any "hoax theory" or in pseudo scientific waste of paper like Mattogno. I doubt Cole had any sympathy for the Nazi Regime (like Berg and many others), or fell in love with Hitler like Irving.
I don't even think he was an Antisemite like Hunt is.
Cole was a skeptic rebel teen who had been exploited to the bone by the Denial Movement because he was a Jew, but at least he kept his mind open and change his initial skepticism.

Skepticism is one thing, Denial is different. Skeptics ask questions, Deniers reject all the answers.
A Denier would scream "IT IS NOT {!#%@}" even drowning in septic tank. ( That would be Freddy Berg)

A lot of research have been led since, filling the gap. Cole has accepted the true nature of the AR camps, which means that he could (maybe he does) also in fine accept Auschwitz (as Hunt did), i just think that he has no real interest today.