Math Magic Trick

If the red house has blue shutters and the green house has red shutters, what's this section for?
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Math Magic Trick

Post by Brian Ganek » Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:24 pm

Got a magic trick that simulates mind reading using the serial number from any Euro bill. Type in the letter at the start of the serial number, and ten of the eleven digits, hold back a single digit from 1-9. You can mix up the order to prove I just don't look up the serial number in a database and you can leave off a single digit between one to nine in any position. From the letter and 10 of the 11 numbers, I'll "read your mind" and post the missing digit. Please don't select a zero, that gives me a "headache".

After you test this, I'll post the solution. Have a great day :evil:
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Re: Math Magic Trick

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