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Love. love, love….

Post by nmblum88 » Sat May 10, 2014 1:26 am

Richard Feynman, "Quantum Man," by Lawrence Krauss…
Saw my old copy of this wonderful biography/critique on table in my house early this morning, and there went the day.
Five hours later, I realized I hadn't eaten, kept an appointment, done my exercises, or thought about any of it: I was in the land of enchantment that was the life and times of Richard Feynman, star in the firmament of theoretical post WWII physics, prodigy, teacher, lover of food, drink, dance ,music, art , people in general and women in particular…
More than that, Lawrence Krauss has the advantage of actually being a theoretical physicist AND teacher himself, and clearly has that best of teaching talents that allows for communicating complicated concepts to a motley assortment of students/readers..
Which includes me, and is why I somewhat uncritically loved this thoroughly enjoyable informative book.
And of course it doesn't hurt that Krauss has one of the great thinkers and even greater characters in post WWII science as his subject.
.And for whom he has produced a a fitting biography, all of it, the genesis of the career in the thoroughly mundane lower middle class, 2nd generation American environment, the less educated but completely skeptical about EVERYTHING father, the alert, funny, irony steeped mother, the precocity of the future Nobelist, the lust for life, the eccentricity, the excesses, the theatrical presence, the complicated personal life.
Including the forced entry into reality and adulthood by the shock of losing his beloved high school sweetheart/bride to death by a long and troubling illness after only three years of marriage..
A reality for which he was thoroughly unprepared, and that threw him into a long emotional turmoil….

But Feynman was so complex,, so talented, so brainy, so avid about everything that attracted his attention that the only criticism (for readers who want more science than personal detail) is that containing Feynman, restricting him to his life in science, and the science itself, was a Herculean task for any biographer, and Krauss is more a scientist and an acolyte than a biographer.
But for me, it was terrific, a great read, informative, a mostly lovely, funny, unbelievable lively engaged hero .
And Krauss DOES capture the role of competitiveness, arrogance, and above all a strong ego that contributed to Feynman's inevitable success in the sometimes adversarial world of science.
The section devoted to Freeman Dyson's selfless defense of Feynman was particularly interesting.
Highly recommended.
And now I am so hungry, starving really, that I could eat a huge bowl of antimatter,
But will instead share grilled whitefish that I caught l on Monday….
And then it's Poker night… of which Richard Feynman would thoroughly approve as long as I am good at it (giving it my full attention, focused on my game, eliminating all comers, , and not just fooling around..

" Norma, you poor sad lonely alcoholic. You entire life is devoted to interrupting other people's posts on this forum, regardless of the topic, to tell them what's wrong with them. The irony is, here you are doing it again, with this very post.
Your fanciful card games, movie sojourns and exciting overseas trips, that all take place within the four walls of an aged care retirement home, do not suggest your own children offered you the care, I gave my parents."