Horrible anti-gay rant

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Horrible anti-gay rant

Post by ryu » Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:40 am

When talking about a gay family on tv...
few suggestions: they can do the old trope where the kids get miniaturized and enter and travel through the adults bodies. Start at the mouth with the white HIV blotches and end in the destroyed rectum. They can really ramp up the germ and antibodies as monster routine as fags have petri dish buttholes with crazy amounts of bacteria and parasites (scientific fact). Then we can all learn about domestic violence when the dads get a little squirrely after being up a week on meth butt banging. Again, you can plausibly ramp up the violence as both interacial and gay relationships are known for high rights of violence (ask any cop). Then we can learn about grief and mortality when one of their aids cocktails stop working and the shrivel to 80 pounds in the hospital (ask any bed ridden faggot).
Ok first off. Discrimination drives much of this...http://homoresponse.blogspot.com/2011/0 ... abuse.html

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Re: Horrible anti-gay rant

Post by KevinLevites » Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:38 am

Ok, I disagree with you. Discrimination dives all of it, not much of it.

There are laws that allow people to refuse service to gay people (wedding cakes, for example), but I wish there were laws that worked the other way around.

I'm a paramedic, and have experienced professional censure and consequences to my job because I refused to discriminate against gay people.

I had protocols to transport the spouse in the ambulance when taking someone to the hospital...and I ran into problems because I'd transport the gay partner.

I was violating policy since the protocols only allow a spouse, and a gay partner is not a spouse.

We got lots of business from religious hospitals, and the ER would complain when I was courteous to gay/lesbian partner.