New Orleans

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New Orleans

Post by rrichar911 » Wed Sep 28, 2005 3:04 pm

The New Orleans hurricane is not history so I assume it is appropriate for this section of the board.

I noticed this. It is commonly held that many things went wrong, and what should have been done was not. Thus in retrospect why did things go wrong?

There was no mandatory evacuation ordered by the governor, no city lead effort to help people evacuate, but rather both entities point fingers at the fed, even though FEMA is not empowered under law to order evacuations, only to advise that they be ordered.

Then in the days after the hurricane people sat and waited for food water and transportation that seem very slow to arrive. Why was it so slow? The xFEMA director tells us that he had busses and supplies sitting in wait, ready to go, but delayed them. Communications were down, and he could not call the Super dome and talk directly to the mayor. Thus he relied on media reports, which told him that people were murdering and raping each other, that chaos ruled the day. Gangs roamed the city shooting people at will.

The question then is do you send in relief workers knowing that they are going into gun fire and violence? FEMA director opted to wait for the military to go in first and stabilize the situation. That would seem a prudent decision.

However, after the fact we learn from the people who were there, that no such murders and rapes, and wide spread shooting had occurred i.e. The news media got it wrong. Either from a desire to sell media time with sensational reporting or stupidity. Thus can we blame the media for all the screw ups, as they were the lines of communication upon which decisions were made?

Why do we ever believe the media in the first place? Should not the mayor have had a satellite phone? Should not that be part of disaster preparation? The ability to communicate.

The New Orleans Picayune states that 90% of what the major media reported was wrong. Sensational, historical, emotional, but wrong.

If it is true that the media got it 90% wrong as claimed, what then do we conclude about all the other stuff they tell us? Do we have a media crisis, when 90% of what the media reports is wrong?

Is there racism in the media to assume that chaos rulled the day, when it didn't, because the people in question were black? And did the media relly get 90% wrong. It is after all the media , the Pickayune telling us that the media was wrong.
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