Cosmology conundrums

What does make the world turn?
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Cosmology conundrums

Post by Lance Kennedy » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:59 pm

Taken from New Scientist, 22 September 2018, page 28

Some quirks in cosmology.

1. The Plank satellite microwave background map does not gel with inflation theory. The theory predicts strong gravitational collapse in the early universe, leading to gravity waves, which are conspicuously not seen in the microwave background.

2. Fast and high energy radio bursts are seen, and the explanation that best fits the facts is exploding black holes.

3. A star classified as a type 1a supernova has been shown not to fit the classic properties of this type. This throws doubt on these being the best measure of distance of other galaxies. If that is the case, then how true is the observation that the expansion of the universe is accelerating ? Maybe there is no such thing as dark energy.

And a bit of speculation (not mine. I am just reporting.)
The universe is quantum. What if space time itself existed in quantum form ? Then there would be a smallest unit of space time. A space time quantum. This would put a limit to how far something could be compressed, since the space time quanta when forced together could go no further. So a black hole would collapse only so far, till it reached this limit. Then the compression force might cause a rebound. The black hole explodes into a white hole.

What if the whole universe did this ? With no dark energy, the universe expands till gravity slows expansion and it falls back into a single ball. The white hole explosion that follows creates a new universe. Was this the Big Bang ? Was there a universe before ours ?

All it would take to make this model correct is for space time to exist in quantum form, like everything else.

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Re: Cosmology conundrums

Post by Gord » Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:19 pm

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