Lior Suchard and his predictions

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Lior Suchard and his predictions

Post by udaydattani » Tue May 10, 2016 1:54 am

Hi All,

I am new to this forum, and joined specifically to know if somebody has any ideas about how the "mentalist" Lior Suchard does what he does.

I have read a lot about physics and do not believe in ESP/paranormal. I have read a lot about Lior Suchard, the Israeli mentalist and seen a few of his videos. I am not sure how he does some of his tricks, there are people who give explanations like swami pencil and camouflaged magnets, which at least sounds plausible.

What I am not sure is how he is able to predict things like international game scores. It is difficult to believe he could have bought in anyone at this scale or he could rig matches. For e.g. he recently predicted the T20 cricket score between India and Australia on 31st January 2016. Its extremely difficult to predict such scores by fluke. Simply improbable.

Could anyone share thoughts on this?

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Re: Lior Suchard and his predictions

Post by Matthew Ellard » Wed May 11, 2016 2:44 am

There is a sort of debunking thread on the International Skeptics forum. ... or+Suchard

As that skeptic forum was established by James Randi, the magician, the members are being careful not to disclose his tricks. Exposing the magic tricks of professional entertainers is not allowed on that forum, which is fair. Magicians like The Amazing Randi, Johnny Carson, Harry Houdini & Penn & Teller have assisted skeptics over the years in debunking.

Do you have any specific magical events in mind, for Lior Suchard, that you can show us?

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Re: Lior Suchard and his predictions

Post by Gord » Wed May 11, 2016 3:29 am

Somebody linked to this: ... myths.html
Once the participant writes the answer and gives it to the performer he replaces this paper with another paper by adroit sleigh of hand – this is the most crucial part. The paper that is replaced is torn into small pieces so that the participant would not try to read what was written - there would be nothing written in the replaced paper. The normal tendency of the participant would be to throw away the torn bits of paper.

People attending such shows do not carry bits of paper with them. So the paper for writing the answer would be given by the performer to the participant. It would therefore be easy to replace the paper with the answer with another piece of paper which is an exact replica of the original.

The performer then reads the answer from the original paper, without any prying eyes around, and the rest is just stage show.

Obviously, the exchange of papers has to be done before the act so that the performer gets a chance to read the answer without anybody from the audience knowing it. If it was done on the stage the performer would not be able to take out the original paper and read it.
I don't know if that method is used often, but I do know there's another one: You give the participant a piece of paper that is actually two sheets, and when he writes on the top sheet it impresses the image of the writing onto the underlying sheet as well. Then you *snap* the sheets apart (like snapping your fingers), tear up the top one, and hand the bits back to the participant. Even if he's skeptical, he can look at the pieces he's got and recognize the fragments of his own handwriting, but you still have the second underlying sheet with a copy of what he wrote.

I did it myself once, and I'm pretty sure I didn't invent the idea.
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Re: Lior Suchard and his predictions

Post by Matthew Ellard » Wed May 11, 2016 4:28 am

Gord wrote: I did it myself once, and I'm pretty sure I didn't invent the idea.
I love reading about how magic tricks works because I realise how stupid I can be. :D

The classical trick is "forcing" a playing card on someone. The term "forcing" is part of the trick. The magician simply remembers the "key card", puts the "forced card" next to the "key card" when he returns it to the pack, and then uses that "key card" to identify the "forced card".

It happens so quickly, you simply don't get to think through what actually happened!