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How should we think about weird things?
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Re: Debunk Advaita Vedanta Religion

Postby mirror93 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:54 pm

placid wrote:

Nar, not if you ignore your belief.

Watch the thoughts, they come and go in you

if you mean subconscious/unconscious thoughts, no they don't come and go the way you imagine, unless you're an OCD, and not even that.........and they are not in "me", they are in my mind.

placid wrote: you cannot come and go.

Well, talk for yourself, I'm pretty sure i can go anywhere I want as much as the other members in this forum.. we can move ourselve... are you sure can't move yourself? you cannot go anywhere? are you always inert sitting ur ass in front of your computer trolling around in forums?

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