Jenkins' letter on evidence for God, V16n2

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Jenkins' letter on evidence for God, V16n2

Postby yvretta_carus » Sat Feb 12, 2011 10:28 pm

Dan Jenkins (Letters, Vol. 16, no.2) asks, 'What is acceptable evidence for the existence of God?"
A theist who wants to persuade me must first define God. Sorry, "infinitely intelligent mind' doesn't do it. I cannot distinguish between an infinitely intelligent mind and a finitely intelligent mind that is merely much more intelligent than me. Moreover, whatever God might be, giving Him, Her, It or Them an IQ test seems disrespectful. The definition offered by Michael Dowd on P. 30 ot the same issue, "God is a mythic name for reality in all its sublime fullness" is equally squishy.
Next, the theist must ask a question whose answer is knowable but not yet known, such that the answer is unambiguously "yes" if God, as previously defined, exists, and "no" otherwise.
Then the theist must find the answer to his question.
If we claim that there is a largest prime number or a living ivory-billed woodpecker, the object of our search is well defined. Agreeing on acceptable evidence and acceptable procedures for finding and evaluating evidence is easy. If we are looking for a largest prime number, we pretend we have found it and derive a contradiction. If we are looking for a woodpecker, we spend a lot of time in suitable habitat with camera and tape recorder.
I would accept the existence of a living ivory-billed woodpecker if I saw one under good conditions, or if several independent reliable observers had good photographs of one.
Jenkins asks, "Would doubters only believe in God if God spoke to them directly?" Yes. That's what it took to persuade St. Paul. I don't accept second-hand reports of Divine messages, beacause folks who say God talks to them disagree not only on what God says but on what God is.
The stumbling block between theists and atheists is not the nature of acceptable evidence. It's the lack of a definition of God.

Sincerely, Yvretta Carus, Las Cruces, NM

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Re: Jenkins' letter on evidence for God, V16n2

Postby spartanburg » Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:05 pm

Man created God because Man created language through history there has been many "Gods" in different cultures and different cultures have different languages the "word " God came from "Man"s mouth that is why when Catholics and Jews developed their religion they Made Laws Like thy shall not have any False Gods before me idols so Believers would not Question the existence of the God they where preaching about because it was not a physical thing but a concept an Example animals do not have a concept of God if I show My dog a red round object and say Ball and repeat that over and over the Dog will learn what I mean when I say go get the Ball if i look at my dog and say the word God he will not have a concept of what the word means the definition of the word "CONCEPT" an abstract Idea define "ABSTRACT" existing in thought some where along the was someone need to answer the Why Question and came up with the thought or concept OF "GOD"

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