'Polocaust' museum

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'Polocaust' museum

Postby Aaron Richards » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:05 am

*breathes in*


https://www.reuters.com/article/us-isra ... SKCN1G42F6

https://www.timesofisrael.com/polish-de ... st-museum/

I'm not laughing at the idea to create more museums for non-Jewish suffering. I'm laughing at the cringeworthy name they came up with. Jesus, man, do these people even know the meaning of the word holocaust? You can't use that as an interchangable brand name the way Indians did with Bollywood and Tollywood. I mean, I know there's been a few references to homocaust but this one takes the cake. At least the Roma call what happened to them the Romani Holocaust

If there's one thing that truly annoys me, it is Polish victimhood - when they purposely play it and present it as a "who is the bigger victim? hint: it's us, as a nation, not the jews, as a people!" game. Sickening.
"...we had the duty towards our Volk (the German people) to kill this Volk (the Jewish people) that wanted to kill us." - Himmler in his 1943 Posen speech reminding any future holocaust denier how absurd their beliefs really are.
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Re: 'Polocaust' museum

Postby BRoI » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:51 am

I found a reference to a Polish-American television documentary titled "Polocaust" broadcast in NY wayback in February 1982:

Luty 1982 [...]

W telewizyjnym programie amerykańskim na terenie Buffalo emitowano audycję zatytułowaną ,,Polocaust'' obrazującą męczeństwo ludzi w hitlerowskich obozach koncentracyjnych na terenie Polski Inicjatorem programu był znany działacz polonii amerykańskiej, prezes Biblioteki im A. Mickiewicza w Buffalo Marian Strzelczyk


1981 saw the publication of Auschwitz and the Allies in which Gilbert doesn't use the term "the Holocaust". Thereby proving the phrase hadn't yet gained widespread acceptance amongst Western, um, Holocaust historians.

The word "holocaust" appears four times in his book. Twice in quotations of war-time reports/documents [97/126], and once in the "Bibliographic Notes" in a description of the Yad Vashem: "the Holocaust memorial and archive, Jerusalem" [351]. The fourth and final appearance is in the book's index [360] which was obviously written by his publisher [they might have had a hand in the 3rd, imo]. The Index compiler clearly considered the war-time use of the noun 'holocaust' had a significance which eluded Gilbert who passes over its appearances without comment.

'Holocaust', the: referred to (1 December 1942),
97 and (23 March 1943), 126
Any further attempt on the part of the British Government, by unlawful, unilateral and arbitrary action to curtail or destroy these rights, or to deny to the Jewish people free access to any part of its national homeland, will be resisted to the utmost by all sections of the Jewish people, with the support of democratic forces the world over.
- Resolution of the of the Zionist Organisation of America 49th annual convention, 27 October 1946

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Re: 'Polocaust' museum

Postby Denying-History » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:23 pm

The term is weird but you think they could actually make of their own term via their own language. The Ukrainians created "Holodomor" as an example or at least the emerges did.

BROI does kinda have a point we didn't really start calling the "Holocaust" by that name until it was later popularized during the 1970's by the 1978 TV miniseries.

It seems if google is right the term "Holocaust" to refer to the final solution started around 1960.
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Re: 'Polocaust' museum

Postby Jeffk 1970 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:11 pm

Denying-History wrote:
It seems if google is right the term "Holocaust" to refer to the final solution started around 1960.

I’ve seen the term referred to in earlier articles from the 1940’s in regards to the destruction of Europe’s Jews. The term was a catchall term referring to large calamities before that. I will agree that the term became one to exclusively refer to what happened to the Jews in the 1960’s/1970’s.
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