Berlin Conference this Wednesday

Holocaust denial and related subjects.
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Berlin Conference this Wednesday

Postby Upton_O_Goode » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:56 pm

Attending a memorial service for a friend and colleague this afternoon, I saw another long-term colleague who had been invited to this conference in memory of our friend and colleague Raul Hilberg, but unfortunately was already committed elsewhere:

(Web page at the link has been taken down. The annual Hilberg lecture at UVM is this Tuesday night. I plan to go to hear Dan Michman from Yad Vashem.)

As a general resource:
"A general conversion among the boys was once effected by the late excellent Mr. Fletcher: one poor boy only excepted, who unfortunately resisted the influence of the Holy Spirit, for which he was severely flogged; which did not fail of the desired effect, and impressed proper notions of religion on his mind."

James Lackington, Memoirs of the First Forty-five Years of the Life of James Lackington, the Present Bookseller

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