Berlin Conference this Wednesday

Holocaust denial and related subjects.
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Berlin Conference this Wednesday

Postby Upton_O_Goode » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:56 pm

Attending a memorial service for a friend and colleague this afternoon, I saw another long-term colleague who had been invited to this conference in memory of our friend and colleague Raul Hilberg, but unfortunately was already committed elsewhere:

(Web page at the link has been taken down. The annual Hilberg lecture at UVM is this Tuesday night. I plan to go to hear Dan Michman from Yad Vashem.)

As a general resource:
"The Nazis came very close to fulfilling their plan to exterminate an entire people. They were defeated in this regard, not because people awoke to the evil of their purposes, but because the national interests of the Allies themselves were threatened."

Joshua Chasan, "Religion and the Holocaust" in: The Holocaust: Introductory Essays (1996)

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