War on Science

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War on Science

Postby Lausten » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:36 pm

Just want to recommend this recent book by Shawn Otto. It is about a year old, but I think it will hold up well. It makes an easy to read romp through the history of science in the first third or so, intermingled with modern day conspiracy theories, then starts to focus in more detail on some of the bigger stories of the day, like climate change denial. When he hits parts that you are familiar with, it's actually fun, because he will probably tie in something you hadn't thought of.

He has no problem attacking liberals or conservatives, and he doesn't say that science isn't about politics. The anti-authoritarian nature of of science is one of his main themes, which is exactly we need it to inform our politics. When we can't decide what to do because we don't have all the facts or the expertise, that's when we should turn to the tools of science.

And, instead of just pointing to the problem like so many books, he makes some suggestions for actions at the end.
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